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5 Useful Herbs For The Heart


Herbs For Heart

You heart can function properly only when receiving a constant supply of oxygenated blood rich in nutrients. Herbs that stimulate healthy blood circulation are considered good for the heart. Herbs for heart function by reducing harmful lipids and neutralize free radicals. You can take these herbs as supplements to improve the functioning of his heart.

Here are some of the best herbs for heart health:


An herbal remedy tested with the time to improve heart function, hawthorn helps reduce the pain of angina and atherosclerosis. The therapeutic property of the herb is attributed to the antioxidants quercetin and procyandins compounds. Protect the heart from damaging activities of free radicals. Moreover, the flavonoids found in hawthorn, dilating blood vessels, help increase circulation.



The hypolipidaemic activity of compounds based on sulfur garlic helps in preventing plaque formation in the arteries. The compounds in garlic work by blocking associated with lipid production enzymes. Garlic also helps in reducing platelet aggregation, thus facilitating circulation. The antioxidant activity of the compounds of garlic protects the heart from free radicals.


Dong Quai

Angelica sinensis, commonly known as dong quai is an herb widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the heart. This helps in the dilation of blood vessels and improves the pumping function of the heart.

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Dong Quai

Terminalia Arjuna

bark Terminalia arjuna tree is recommended in Ayurveda for improving cardiac function. It helps reduce chest pain and irregular heartbeat and lowering the level of blood cholesterol. It is good for people with coronary artery disease.

Terminalia Arjuna


Agripalma is a remedy traditional for heart problems. This helps normalize the heartbeat. It is especially useful for reducing rapid heartbeat caused by anxiety and hyperthyroidism. Improves blood circulation and therefore helps maintain optimal heart function.


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