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5 Truly Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Benefits Of Coconut Water

electrolyte rich drinks like coconut water are an ideal thirst quencher during the hot summer months. tender coconut water is dubbed as a miracle drink for its incredible variety of health benefits. An excellent energy drink, coconut water (fresh or canned) has become a place extremely popular drink out work among health conscious individuals. Read on, to discover the range of health benefits offered by tender coconut water.

Here are 5 Health Benefits truly amazing coconut water

for healthy skin

The super-hydrating property tender coconut water keeps very soft and supple. coconut water nutrient dense contains many potent and cytokinins antioxidants that can improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and delay aging of skin cells. High levels of lauric acid in coconut water can balance the pH levels of the skin. Lauric acid also protects the skin from the devastating effects of free radicals.

Healthy Skin

regulates blood pressure

The coconut water is one of the best natural antidotes to combat high blood pressure. Coconut water contains high amounts of potassium (1,500 mg per 20 ounces). The mineral potassium, counteracts the harmful effects of sodium and thereby reduces blood pressure readings. In fact, drinking pure coconut water can bring down the blood pressure readings in general by almost 12 points.

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High Blood Pressure Levels

Improved renal function

The coconut water is a miracle drink for people suffering from chronic kidney disease. Coconut water is a natural diuretic that enhances the production of urine. The anti-inflammatory in coconut water can knock down agents inflammation and infection of the kidneys. Consumption of this wonderful drink for an extended period of time can repair kidney damage as well.

Improves Kidney Function

aids digestion

Water coconut remains healthy and strong digestive tract because it contains appreciable amounts of dietary fiber. The many bioactive enzymes in coconut water improve digestive function. Drinking coconut water twice a day can keep slow digestion, heartburn, constipation and other digestive abnormalities in the bay.

Facilitates Digestion

aids in weight loss

This low-calorie beverage aid weight loss. Biologically pure coconut water improves the body’s metabolic rate. A natural diuretic, coconut water removes toxins from the body. Expel toxins from the body it can also help lose excess pounds.

Weight Loss

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