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5 Tips to Stay Healthy Over Christmas

5 tips to stay healthy over Christmas `s Christmas time, the most beautiful time of year. This period is characterized by family gatherings, corporate parties and dinners. It `s time for us to be with our family and friends, but it is also time to eat calorie food in large quantities.

However Christmas time can also be sad and lonely period. Some might associate it with separation from loved ones, memories for lost family members and spend a lot of money. Many families are forced to see each other during this period even though these find it difficult to eat as a family.

During this period many people are under great pressure and stress trying to get everything done in time. All this contributes to excess eating and drinking as people are trying to cope with negative feelings in this way.

Eat, drink, but be cautious

December is the month when many people gain weight and according to US research people obtain 0.5 kg on average. You might wonder why this happens. The fact is that we let go of all dietary restriction and there are more opportunities for overeating and excessive drinking as part of the celebration party mood.

If you want to keep your weight stable during this period the following are some tips that may help:

  1. Be selective
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eating and drinking, but not everything that is served at the table. Think about what you really want to take and what to exclude. There is a lot of food :. Breads, hams, trimmings, turkey, cakes, biscuits and I’m more than sure that you do not have to try them all

  1. Keep Moving

you’re not loose this period may be more active than is normally so you can burn the calories that your body gets through the food. You can visit the gym, go for brisk walking, running or you can simply take your dog for a walk. It is also important to have enough hours of sleep each day.

  1. Limit outputs pig!

Try not to overeat, as long as you notice that you are not hungry stop eating. This does not mean you should eat everything looks tasty. If you can not help yourself from eating it, at least keep those days violently-overindulgent to a minimum, say three days – the day ends at work, Christmas Day and New Year. Several days of overeating won`t be bad for you, but overeat for an entire month will be more than bad.

  1. Do not eat your way through two large meals a day

Eating two meals a day is the surest way to increase weight. If you have to go at two meetings in one day try not to eat in the second.

  1. Avoid excess alcohol

do not be surprised, alcohol is full of calories and should be avoided in the same way as the food. It would be better for you to dilute the wine and spirits with ice and mineral water, light beer order rather than full strength, or insert a juice or mineral water between regular drinks. You can also go to the non-alcoholic alternatives such as mineral water and non-alcoholic punch, lime and soda, and iced tea.

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