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5 Tips To Enjoy Dairy If You’re Lactose Intolerant

1. slow start and build tolerance

investments to develop their resilience to dairy products are required, and a smaller segment is most reluctant to give side effects. Start with small amounts (for example, a pinch of tea or milk ¼ glass on porridge), and, if it is not set, try step by step to increase its use.


2. spread throughout the day

Research shows that most people with lactose intolerance can consume at least one cup of milk a day. But instead of drinking all at once, it is better to distribute your intake serves small spread throughout the day.

3. Choose the hard cheese for soft

hard cheese like cheddar and parmesan cheese naturally contain very little lactose and can be better tolerated than soft cheeses like cottage cheese or cream cheese. A 40g serving (2 slices) of hard cheese provides a third of your daily calcium needs. Yogurt is also relatively low in lactose as intestinal bacteria in yogurt produced using enzymes that break down the lactose and make it easier to digest.

4. Eat dairy products with solid

When dairy products are consumed with other foods as part of a meal is digested more slowly. For example, a milk shake or a smoothie made with milk can cause symptoms, but milk with a spoonful of cereal or yogurt on Curry can be fine.

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5. Be prepared when eating out

Instead of being stuck with limited lactose-free options when eating out or trip, try a preparation to digest lactose (available at pharmacies). These are tablets or drops that break down the lactose in dairy products to help improve digestion and minimize symptoms

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