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5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over The Holidays

The holiday rush is on! Shopping madness, dinners, parties, holiday treats or busy-ness wreak havoc on our body, mind and emotions. If we stop and really take a look at the whole cycle it is not difficult to see why most of us ended up sick and burned either during the holidays or not much later. While the …

5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over The Holidays

5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays

fever vacation is iN! If we stop and really take a look at the whole cycle it is not difficult to see why most of us ended up sick and burned either during the holidays or not much later. While the holidays always brings lots of smiles and love they also tend to bring us many other things we do not want, such as overweight, disease, low energy levels and excess stress! In fact, the incidence of colds and flu incidence doubles in December and January. All things that lower the immune resistance, stress, sugar, unhealthy fats, too much food and not enough exercise, are in full effect during this time of year. Too many sweets, too much wine and not enough healthy everything that allows us to set goals and healthy New Year’s resolutions for the units. Why wait until the New Year? With some easy tips you can stay healthy and balanced and navigate through January look and feel your best!

1. Staying active

This is very important and not running and trade does not count. When our schedules get to work one of the first things that most of us wring our life it is a consistent exercise routine. It is important to stay active during the holiday season especially because it addresses exactly what we need exercise to stay in balance during this time: relieve stress, increase energy and increased metabolism. The holidays can be stressful and exercise is one of the best ways to release this pent-up tension and prevent any damage is done to our health. Even taking just a 30-minute walk each day will do wonders for your health and wellbeing.

2. Eat healthy outside House Parts & Functions

we all know that it will be almost impossible to say no to pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and all the great treats, naturally invite the holidays. It’s not so bad to please every so often, in fact, a healthy balance in your life is created, what is important is not to allow a drop to convert all day, all day. Fatty and sugary foods are addictive naturally increases because the neurotransmitters in our brain, the feel good chemicals mood. So once we have an idea of ​​these things, we want more! If you observe yourself, you will notice that often fall off the “healthy eating wagon” are times beginning with a meal or dessert wonderfully complacency. A meal becomes days of eating in unhealthy ways. Knowing this in advance will give some awareness. If you know that you are attending a holiday function, be aware of eating healthy on the day of and the day after. Allow yourself to enjoy, but know the next day he was back to his fresh, healthy diet. Following this advice will ensure you stay balanced throughout the holidays.

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3. To start the day fresh

I talked a lot about the importance of fresh, raw foods in the diet and that is because not only keep your health at the highest levels but also its radiant outer beauty, its balanced emotions, and energy levels high. This can be a challenge in the colder months due to raw foods cold can throw our bodies out of balance. So what to do? Green smoothies naturally cleanse your body, best first thing done in the body, increase the supply amount of oxygen in your body, which is a great way to make your day, hydrate and alkalize your body and infusion of cells with nutrients and living enzymes. From a smoothie also keeps your energy digestive effort to minimize release of energy early in the morning, when all we need it most. The addition of a smoothie green for the holidays gives your body the nutrients it needs, while flushing out toxins (think wine, sugary desserts and fatty foods) each and every day. This tip will immediately increase your energy, vitality and overall health almost immediately.

4. Management Practices healthy Stress

stress! There’s that word again. Stress is so often spoken in a truly holistic approach to health, as it has such a negative and profound effect of all areas of your life and we all have too much of it! In fact, during times of stress their biological age, the age of the inside of your body, can be as much as 32 years older than their chronological age! This is how negative stress is inside your body. The holidays become a very stressful time for many people. Spending, purchases and pressure are all words that can be synonymous with the holidays if we allow these things that have an impact on us, and many will have an impact on us. It is important for your health and wellness to practice healthy stress management in place and to practice consistently especially through the most stressful times of the year. healthy management practices, such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, exercise, stress and having enough time down will help you stay in balance and keep your vibrant health, even during the most stressful times. As little as 5 minutes a day of deep breathing can go a long way to help reduce stress and the impact of stress on your body and health. You can contact us directly to receive a free exercise of deep breathing five minutes. Be sure to enter the holidays has launched a plan for the days and hours to devote time to release stress. Meeting and yoga meditation exercise to be the most beneficial for me. What stress management practices are most beneficial for you? Make sure they are in their weekly agenda.

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5. Do not get lost in the center of

The holidays should be a time of family, love and gratitude. The rest as parties and these are just ways of expressing those things. For years I was stuck in the bustle of the holidays, especially making sure my children had bigger, better gifts. Then I became more conscious and vi. I saw my children opened present after present, and as present after present was literally pushed aside to open the next. There was no appreciation or gratitude and I knew this was my fault. In the last two years I have started taking the approach of offering gifts as a representation of love and appreciation for my children. This has resulted in less present with more meaning and more significance has resulted in less than all other things. It is so easy to get lost in the marketing, advertising and pressure of the holidays, but it is important to take time to decide what they really mean vacation for you. Once you have this understanding, their actions can align and focus will remain clear. Coincidentally, this translates into less stress and a better sense of peace during the season. Do not miss all that the holidays are not, however stay grounded in what the holidays are. This will minimize stress and other negative emotions and increase all positive and peaceful feelings parties innately generated.
By implementing these 5 simple steps that it gives a great step forward to keep these balanced and healthy holiday.

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