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5 Strange Things That Can Boost Your Immune System


By Joshua Krause

nobody likes to get sick, and almost everyone is open to any trick or habit that will improve your immune system. For most people, this means eating better food and get more exercise and sleep. Or if someone already coming down with a cold, they are fast consume more vitamin C that may or participate in any strengthening the immune system fashion is making the rounds on the Internet.

However, the human body is an incredibly sophisticated machine, and improving your immune system is not as simple. In fact, there are some strange ways instead of increasing their immunity, which probably never have guessed are effective, such as:


probably would assume that the water cold would make you more susceptible to disease, given that he’s been told all his life to keep warm in cold weather, so you do not get sick. However, studies have shown when you’re soaked in cold water, your body increases the production of immune cells.

As for the images of sick people

If you ever had a condition that could not explain it, you have probably tried to diagnose himself looking over his Internet symptoms. If it does, inevitably will lead to a Google image search, where you can scroll through hundreds of ghostly images of sick people as they try to identify what’s bothering you. It is actually making your immune system a favor.

As part of a study in Canada, subjects were told to put up a slide show 10 minutes consisting of images of people who showed visible symptoms of the disease. Then tested their blood and signs that their immune systems had been driven temporarily showed. This makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. People who can boost your immune system just by looking at a sick person, probably survived anyone who lacked the body’s response.

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Although most treatments cold and flu trends involve the consumption of super popular (some of which have merit) is that refrain from eating can help avoid getting sick in the first place. A three-day fast causes the immune system to regenerate completely. Your body is asked to start removing the damaged immune cells, and to start generating new, more efficient cells. After three days without food, your immune system is completely rebuilt from scratch, which is useful for anyone with damaged immune systems, such as the elderly or patients with cancer.

View Fasting-Like diet has profound effect on autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as MS

Contact physical with their domestic animals

If you do not believe, studies have shown that petting your dog can boost your immune system , but has never found an explanation for this effect. If you happen to own a cat, do not be discouraged. There is a reason why cats purr often when sick or wounded, and it is because their purr vibrates at a frequency which has a healing effect documented in mammals. It can help heal bones and tissues, and may even boost the immune system. It has been theorized that holding or petting your cat purrs while he or she could transfer that effect on you.

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Get Dirty

And finally, one of the best ways to boost your immune system it is also one of the least intuitive. We live in a society germaphobic has taught many of us from childhood to avoid contact with anything that is not sterile, and to wash their hands constantly. It turns out that children need to contact with dirty substances, so their immune systems can develop properly. Children who grow up in clean environments uber tend to have more allergies and autoimmune diseases.

As for adults, it really is not socially acceptable for us to play on the land and soil insects eat more. However, we have our own version of introducing bacteria in our body. One of the best things we can do to strengthen our immune system, is to consume probiotics as yogurt, raw milk and fermented vegetables.

Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on the principles of self-sufficiency and freedom in Ready Nutrition . You can follow the work of Joshua on our website Facebook or on your personal Twitter .

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originally published July 13th, 2016

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