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5 Simple And Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp

The problem of dry and itchy scalp is very common among most people. Especially during the winter season this is a very common problem faced by almost everyone. A dry scalp can be a very irritating problem so appropriate measures must be taken so that you can get rid of this problem. There may be several reasons such as excessive exposure to hash weather conditions such as heat and pollution, extend the use of shampoos based on harsh chemicals, too much use of styling products, etc, which leads to dry scalp. The best part is that there are several simple home remedies by which you can get rid of this dry scalp.

Below are five simple and effective home remedies to get rid of dry scalp

1. Having proper diet

poor diet may be one of the main reasons for dry scalp so the first thing you have to do is follow a healthy adequate diet. Be sure to include foods like dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fish, chicken, and plenty of fruits as these foods will stay healthy and help get rid of dry scalp. In addition, these foods provide iron, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc that helps you maintain a healthy scalp. If dryness of the scalp due to nutrient deficiency then following a proper diet will certainly help get rid of dry scalp.

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Have Proper Diet

2. Avoid Styling Products

If you use too many styling products to style hairs then stop using immediately, as these products are one of the main causes for dry scalp. These styling products contain harmful chemicals, fragrances and alcohol, which could lead to dryness of the scalp. Avoid hair gels, hair curlers, air dryers and hair sprays as they tend to dry out the hair and scalp. Follow care products natural hair to keep hair and scalp healthy.

Avoid Styling Products

3. Apply a mixture of egg and yogurt

A natural mixture of egg and yogurt it is ideal for treating the problem of dry scalp. Egg contains a good amount of protein and yogurt is a natural moisturizer that helps maintain healthy hair and scalp. Mix an egg with four tablespoons of yogurt and mix well for a fine mix is ​​created. After that add a spoonful of honey and a tablespoon almond oil and mixed again properly. Once the mixture is ready to apply it throughout the hair and scalp and gently massage the area. Let the mixture stand for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your hair properly with a mild shampoo. Follow the process at least once or twice a week to get rid of dry scalp.

Apply A mixture Of Egg And Yoghurt

4. Use essential oils

Apply essential oil all over the scalp on a base regularly to get rid of dry scalp. The essential oils like lavender oil, lemongrass and sandalwood oil works great and helps get rid of dry scalp. You can even make a hot oil treatment with these essential oils. Take the essential oil in a container and heat for some time. Then let the oil cool slightly. After this massage oil gently around the scalp and leave for half an hour and then wash the hair with a mild shampoo. This hot oil treatment moisturizes the scalp and helps to get rid of the problem of dry scalp [4] .

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Use Essential Oils

5. Use good shampoo and conditioner

is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner in order to get rid of dry scalp. Always use a mild shampoo based on herbs and follow with a good conditioner as it will make your hair soft and smooth and also reduce dryness and make the scalp healthy. A good conditioner moisturizes the scalp and reduces dryness and itching of the scalp.

Use Good Shampoo And A Conditioner

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