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5 Signs of Low Self-Esteem and What You Can Do to Fix It

Often there is a day where you can feel a little low, a little disappointed in it or have the feeling that you are not good enough.

The feeling that you do not deserve happiness and should be feeling low and signals are unhappy that you have to try and make some changes in your life.

Self-esteem is to have self-confidence. This means that you believe you are entitled to be happy, to be successful in life, and to have a full life. The level of self-esteem will influence and affect all aspects of your life.

Some signs of low self-esteem and the ways in which you can try to fix it are presented.

1. You always feel the need to prove himself

Perhaps the person most successful in your classroom or workplace, everyone respects you, yet still thinks he needs to prove himself even more. If you feel that you still have to do one more thing to show you’re bright enough, strong enough or good enough this is often a sign that your self esteem is not as high as it should be.

Solution: sit down and make a list. Make a list of what you need to test and you need to try it too. Then, to be a little objective and wonders if this list contains no value, ignore things that have no value and instead of looking at your strengths and start believing in yourself.

2. the toxic

unhealthy relationships

You know we’re talking about people who suck your energy and leave you feeling totally deflated, useless and nervous. These people do not deserve to be in your life! You can not always control who comes into your life, but you can control the amount of time and energy that you give these people

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. Solution: To give yourself a boost, make a list of what you can offer to others, their gifts. Put it somewhere where you see it every day.

Whenever someone gives you a compliment or say something nice, add it to your list. Once you realize how many wonderful things your personality, it will be easier to keep good friends and close friends toxic further.

3. Each setback hits hard

“Do not worry about the little things” is easier said than done when the little things that hit hard. When you do not have a second job interview, a relationship is not working and not enough weight is lost.

All these things are known to really affect and that a setback in terms of their own self-confidence. Things happen in life that we can not control and some things hits you hard, but if you suffer from low self-esteem these things hit him harder. Have you ever think about what is the point in getting back up when knocked down he is still giving

Solution 😕 You need to try to separate the normal setbacks affecting their self-esteem. If you experience something that is not the norm, join others who are going through something similar, because it can help normalize what is happening.

4. All your success in life is a matter of luck

is not may have achieved something down to its merit and ability; It is always a matter of luck. Believes its success in every element of your life are not because you are talented, dedicated and committed, but because you are lucky

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. Solution: In order to understand its value, document the way it was about achieving their success, you may feel a little uncomfortable. However, it will help you see how you have achieved your goals with your skills and not by luck.

5. No are pursuing their dreams

is very easy to dismiss your dreams and put them off for another day. It is also easy to let yourself think you will never achieve your dreams so why allow yourself to dream in the first place. Dreams do not have to be fantasies that are impossible to achieve, they are mere thoughts of where you want your life to go. You do not want to reach a point in your life where you are full of regret

. Solution: If you are daydreaming several times about what could be your life, try this simple exercise to help you achieve your goal.

You’re on a train that goes to your best ideal life /. How this destination looks like? Who’s there waiting for you? How do you feel when you think about this life? What would you do when you get there?

Once you have planned this scenario, write down how you will do it. Even if it’s only a small step to get there.

If you suffer from low self esteem try some of these solutions, it works!

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