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5 Quick Home Remedies For Bleeding Gums

The most common and obvious causes of bleeding gums include some type of inherent gum disease, lack of nutrients and bad hygiene habits. Therefore, it is essential to change their patterns of brushing and consult a doctor. But if you are interested in trying some home remedies for bleeding gums, then here are some options that provide respite from it and will also help you maintain good oral hygiene.

The following home remedies for bleeding gums are presented:

1. Blackberry

Just take the leaves and mulberry root and then give a boil in a little water. Now use this water to gargle the mouth twice a day. You can also take root Mulberry, wash properly and then use it to chew in the mouth so that nutrients get into the gums and help in relieving the symptoms of bleeding. [1]


2. Clove oil

Another easy and quick to solve the problem of bleeding gums remedy would clove oil. Basically, you have to take clove oil in your hand and then gently massage the gums. It would burn a little, but it is ideal to prevent worsening of the infection. In addition, you can try to mix oil of cloves in a little warm water and then gargle for similar benefits. [2]

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Clove Oil

3. The banana leaf

This is a sheet that provides strength and vigor to the gums and helps to get a respite from excessive bleeding. To do this, simply take the banana leaf and crush lightly. Then massage the gums and let him stay for a while. No need to rinse. [3]

Plantain Leaf

4. Rose hip or blackcurrant leaf

keep a few leaves of this herb and then infuse in a cup of boiling water. Let the blade to stay there for a few minutes. Then use this water to rinse your mouth and gargle to help control and relieve bleeding. [4]


5. Coconut oil

it is also recommended

extra virgin coconut oil for bleeding gums. You have to just take the oil palm or a spoon. Then using a clean finger, massaging the gums and this along the sides of the teeth. Do not wash. You should see a difference in a couple of weeks. [5]

coconut oil

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