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5 Powerful Antiviral Herbs and How to Use Them

Antiviral Herbs

treatment of viral infections is quite complicated. Viral infections usually heal naturally. However, if your immune system is weak, additional support in the form of antiviral drugs is needed to inhibit the proliferation of the virus. Herbs with antiviral properties may also help in treating viral infections. They work by inhibiting viral replication, destroying the microbes and strengthening the immune system.

Here are some of the powerful antiviral herbs for fighting viral infections


allicin, one major bioactive constituents of garlic, is a potent antiviral compound. The concentration of allicin is higher in the chopped fresh garlic. You can eat one or two cloves of garlic a day freshly ground for quick relief of viral respiratory tract infections. The antiviral activity of garlic may also help in healing herpes infections.



Oregano is a potent antiviral herb. strep throat cold and flu It is traditionally used for treatment. Also suppresses herpes simplex virus multiplication. Studies have shown that carvacrol, the main active constituent in oregano, can destroy norovirus, a microbe widely associated with viral gastroenteritis. For the treatment of viral infections, it can take about two teaspoons oregano oil daily.



lemon balm can suppress the proliferation of herpes simplex virus. It is also effective against viral respiratory tract infections including the common cold and flu. The antiviral property of lemon balm is mainly attributed to the tannins present in the grass. To fight viral infections, drink lemon balm tea.

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Lemon Balm


Fresh ginger contains antiviral compounds which are especially effective in the fight against the virus responsible for respiratory infections. Ginger tea is a proven cold weather and flu remedy. It also calms the stomach and prevents nausea and indigestion.


Oregon Grape

root Oregon grape contains berberine, a potent antiviral compound. It is used to treat common cold and flu. You can also prevent the spread of HPV virus. To treat viral infection grape root Oregon, mix one teaspoon of tincture of Oregon grape root with half a cup of water and drink the concoction before lunch.

Oregon Grape

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