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5 Natural Remedies To Free Skin From Pimple And Its Marks

An important day it is, you have everything, but still can not get out. Pimple is so concerned? Many of our important days like this have been ruined by pimples. It is no longer because now you have the 10 best remedies that provide an excellent solution to the problem of shin and force him out within a few minutes. In addition, sticking a remedy particularly those mentioned below will put a barrier on the road forever pimples or it can be your greatest tension to say. Do not go through them all.

5 Natural Remedies to overcome pimples and marks

1. To use steam leakage shins

one of the remedies more popular and extremely effective treatments is that various expensive steam. Actually steam opens the pores and empty dirt and microbes inside out. In addition, it can be used for any type of skin. However, make sure that the skin does not burn. Add the hot or boiling water in a large pot. Cover the pot with a thin cloth and place your face over it. Make sure you keep your face at a distance otherwise you could burn the skin. Continue for the next 30 minutes, followed by application of a moisturizer on your face.


2. Use ice cubes to dry the grain

A grain that has not fully grown can be dried out by using ice cubes. Ice cubes decreases the size of the pimple, contracts its oil glands and also push microbes and excess oil from your pores. Make sure you use not keeping his hand.
For use ice cubes, wrap some ice cubes in a clean cloth and hold against pimply skin. Hold this position for a couple of minutes on the full area of ​​grains and then follow it with other grains.

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3. Use baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is another popular remedy for settlement of grains caused due to excessive accumulation of oil glands and facial microbes . Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and lemon juice. Try to make a thick paste and then apply in our grains. Allow to dry for a while and then wash your face with warm water. Make sure you do not extend the period of more than 4-5 minutes as it can lead to dryness afterwards.


4. Use tea tree oil

Before telling about the action of tea tree oil in the shins, I must say that is an essential oil and has to It is used in combination with other oils. Coming to an action, tea tree oil makes an amazing solution for frequent breakdowns of the skin and acnes. The antibacterial properties gives a tough battle for microbes present within the pores. In addition, it is also very useful for cleaning the existence of redness, pimples and blackheads. Take a teaspoon of aloe vera gel freshly squeezed in a bowl and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Mix well and then apply on pimples. Let it work in the shins for the next 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

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5. Use

Toothpaste every day we all use toothpaste, but not all are fully aware of their overall effectiveness. Yes, if used in the shins, you can make a wonderful place to suppress their size and finally dispose of their existence remedy. In addition, it is a natural remedy, with quick results.
Apply white toothpaste at the point of grain every night before going to sleep. Rinse with cold water in the morning clearly. If you do not want to use during night and then can be used at other times of day as well, but make sure you keep it for about 30 minutes in contact with the beans.


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