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5 Major Lifestyle Factor Behind Water Intake

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water serves as the major chemical component in the human body, and is also a natural detoxifier. While most people know the benefits offered by water, it has no idea how much you should drink daily. Many people know about the rule 8 by 8, where the recommended water intake is eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. In fact, the lifestyle of an individual is an important factor behind their water consumption.

Here are 5 main Factor Lifestyle Behind water intake:

Water Intake those exercising

If you exercise in a way that makes you sweat, it is necessary to drink more water to cope with the loss of fluids. You would have to drink an additional 400-600 ml of water, which is about 1.5-2.5 more vessels. If your exercise routine lasts more than an hour, which would have to drink more water.

Water Intake Of Those Who Exercise

Take water in different seasons

the amount of water you drink daily depends on the weather. During the summer, you may have to drink a few glasses of water a day. Experts suggest drinking 2-4 glasses of water during the first part of the day during the summer.

Water Intake In Different Seasons

Work Environment

If you has a sedentary life or work in an environment with air conditioning, the chances of fluid loss due to sweating is zero. In such cases, medical experts recommend drinking no more than 2-2.5 liters of water a day, as excess water get accumulated in the kidneys, resulting in edema.

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Work Environment

water intake during illness

If you are suffering from diarrhea, fever or vomiting, you need to drink more water, as fluid loss is associated with these diseases. However, certain conditions, such as liver, kidneys, heart and adrenal diseases may need to reduce your intake of fluids.

Water Intake During Illness

water intake during lactation and pregnancy

women lactating or pregnant should drink more fluids to stay hydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends that breastfeeding women should drink about 13 cups (3.1 liters) of fluids daily while pregnant women should drink 10 liters (2.3 liters) of fluids a day.

During Breastfeeding And Pregnancy

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