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5 Italian Herbs That Are Good For Health

Italian cuisine is all about making the most of the freshest ingredients you can find, including herbs. You will notice that the healthy lifestyle they lead and the rich flavor that comes from your kitchen because fresh herbs.

Here are 5 Italian Herbs that are good for health

1. Basil

This is one of the herbs most popular and common that a finding in Italian cuisine. Has a strong anise flavor [ 1 ]. It is used for different types of sauces and condiments, especially pesto and certainly goes well with different ingredients, especially tomatoes. Basil has a sweetness that works well with the acidity of tomato sauces too. You can just rip and add it to sauces. Basil is known to improve the taste of food and adds more flavor. basil is known to fight infection, enhances immunity and also adds a delicious flavor


2. bay leaf

This is again used in stews, soups and even Italian sauces. It improves the overall flavor and can be used in both fresh and dried forms. Bay leaf is known to improve their taste buds in general. It is known for the fight against some forms of cancer and boosts immunity too [ 2 ].

Bay Leaf

3. Parsley

Parsley is used again dominantly with different types of sauces and works best in combination with onions and garlic. It can be used for making sauces exclusive or is used as a condiment. Parsley helps in detoxification and cleansing the system. It is also highly recommended for weight loss and fight common infections [ 3 ].

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4. Thyme

Those who suffer from sinus infections and allergies can enjoy a rich dish seasoned with thyme and mushrooms or potatoes is based. Thyme aid is used mainly as a subtle seasoning with potatoes and white sauces, but it is known to dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease [ 4 ].


5. Romero

Rosemary is known to be used with potatoes, pork and beef beef. Along with the aroma and flavor is added to food, rosemary is well known for the healing of different types of internal infections. It also avoids the problems of swelling or edema. The smell of rosemary is known to trigger off the taste buds and therefore also stimulates hunger.


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