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5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Eating Kumquats

Health Benefits Of Eating Kumquats

kumquat which resembles a small orange, ovulate is well known for its skin and flesh sweet cake. This winter fruit belongs to the family of citrus. The kumquat is an incredible power dietary health benefit of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals powerful. Read on to discover some truly incredible benefits for health kumquats.

Here are 5 amazing health benefits of eating Kumquats:

For Bone Health

The deliciously spicy kumquat It has significant amounts of calcium (62 mg per 100 g). The mineral calcium is essential for maintaining bone health. Kumquat often referred to as “the jewel of the citrus family ‘has a high content of vitamin C as well (43.9 mg per 100 g). Nutritional studies indicate that the powerful antioxidant vitamin C supports the absorption calcium.

For Healthy Bones

By healthy immune system

kumquat is an excellent source of vitamin C. vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, protects the integrity of immune cells. a diet rich in vitamin C improves resistance against many pathogens causing diseases while improving parameters immune system. numerous bioactive polyphenols present in kumquat also increase immune function.

For Healthy Immune System

Improves wound healing

the high content of vitamin C of kumquat helps in wound healing. Vitamin C promotes collagen production. Collagen, an important structural protein, helps the body to produce new tissue -. Which accelerates the process of wound healing

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Improves Wound Healing

healthy digestive system

kumquat is an excellent source of dietary fiber. A portion of 100 g of kumquat produces almost 6 grams of fiber. Eating high-fiber fruits like kumquat increases digestive health. It also prevents many digestive disorders, including GERD, diverticulitis, constipation and inflammatory bowel disease.

Healthy Digestive System

prevents the formation of kidney stones

people who have kidney stones are advised to drink juice kumquat early in the morning on an empty stomach. Citric acid, an organic acid and natural component kumquat helps prevent the formation of painful kidney stones. Citric acid not only stops the formation of stones, but also helps break / dissolve small kidney stones.

Prevents Formation of Kidney Stones

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