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5 Important Reasons to Do Cupping

Did you know the cupping therapy is beneficial in the treatment of many diseases?

Cupping has been used for thousands of years. Although often associated with traditional Chinese medicine, the whole world once knew and used this therapy. Cupping pulls blood to a region to stimulate healing. It is effective to stretch the tight muscles and fascia.

hollowing help develop new tissue blood flow and causes anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. Cupping has also been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, causing tissues to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system, locks clear colon, help activate and clear the veins, arteries and capillaries, activate the skin, stretch marks clear and improve varicose veins.

Removes headaches

Research published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine has shown that Cupping therapy is an effective treatment for headaches. The researchers treated seventy patients suffering from tension headaches. Patients were evaluated before and after treatment, and 66% recorded a decrease in the severity of their headaches. The researchers indicated that there were relevant clinical benefit for these patients.

Relieve symptoms of cough, cold and allergy

Cupping can help stimulate the lungs (so and other vital organs) to help clear phlegm. Excess phlegm in the lungs triggers a cough to help carry out the body. The practice of cupping can help speed up the process for relieving one of the symptoms of cold, cough and unpleasant allergies. It also helps boost immune function moving the blood and lymph fluid throughout the body.

relieve anxiety and improve mood

Due to the effect of therapy with suction cups on improving blood circulation, expelling toxins, increasing positive feelings and sleeping promoting deep relaxation and reduce stress.

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Detox / remove toxins

Cupping can help improve this stagnation and blood rushing to the area treated effectively carries toxins. Along with toxins, it also ends the dead cells and lymph, and other accumulated debris. All these elements are then expelled naturally from body.Arthritis relief and pain of fibromyalgia.


Cupping therapy can actually help slow the aging process.When Cupping is used on the face, which can promote the rejuvenation of collagen, thus eliminating the signs aging.

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