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5 Foods To Prevent Gray Hair

5 Foods To Prevent Gray Hair

The first strands of gray can send a person into a tizzy. premature graying of hair can be due to many factors, including genetics, lifestyle, stress and even poor nutrition. Including nutrient-dense foods in the daily diet can halt and even reverse graying of hair. To learn more about foods that really surprising that help prevent graying hair, read on.

Here are 5 foods to prevent gray hair


Kale is an excellent source of folic acid (vitamin B9), copper and iron. A deficiency of any of these nutrients can cause hair prematurely gray. One hundred grams of raw cabbage portion is obtained almost 19.4 mcg of folic acid, 0.2 mg of copper and 1.1 mg iron.



Oysters are an excellent dietary source of high quality protein (9 g per 100gms). Eating protein-rich foods help to stop premature graying of hair. In addition, the high amount of zinc (78.6 mg per 100 g) and iron (6.1mg 100) in oysters also help stop hair graying.



Delicious blueberries are one of the best super foods to prevent hair graying. Blueberries have a rich cache of nutrients including powerful antioxidants and vitamin C (9.7mg per 100g). Studies indicate that numerous antioxidants along with vitamin C that is present in cranberries can prevent damage from free radicals -. Which can cause sudden graying hair

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A popular vehicle stem from ancient times, asparagus is a rich source of folic acid or vitamin B9 (262 mcg). Asparagus also has high amounts of iodine (1.2 to 110.2ug) and copper (0.12 mg). Nutritional studies show that folic acid along with iodine and copper are extremely effective in combating the problem of premature graying of hair.


Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the largest sources of selenium (1917ug). Selenium is vital for normal functioning of the thyroid gland. A low functioning thyroid gland can affect the normal production of melanin -. Which in turn leads to premature graying of hair

Brazil Nuts

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