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5 Fitness Fads That Aren’t Worth The Money

For the most part, is a good thing to be informed about new trends in the world of fitness. Opportunities to try different types of exercise are great, and anytime you can find a new form of physical activity that you enjoy, it is very likely to benefit from it. However, there are some that are more hype about how they really benefit your physical health. You do not want to throw money at a fashion fitness may not be as beneficial as its proponents claim it.

fitness fad # 1: urban saunas

Places like shape of the house of Los Angeles are trying to sell what they call a “cottage urban Sweats” with claims that can burn hundreds of calories or more, you will detox your body, you will have good skin and deep sleep. It sounds pretty amazing, right? Not quite. But sweat not equal calories burned. It may seem like just completed a difficult exercise, but if you are not really exercising, you will not see the results.

fitness fad # 2: Toning shoes

You know those sneakers that say the tone of buttocks and legs? Traders as Skechers and others suggest that you can get a back and well toned calves just walking around these setbacks. And that can come even more by working on them. They all have unstable soles, which means to suffer a bit to find balance while walking on them. Therefore, it feels like you’re working your muscles more. But it is true?

But is it true? Not that much. So save your money and stick to your running sneakers.

fitness fad # 3: waist formers

While these are not on the exercise per se, which are about to sculpt your body. waist trainers claim that they can give you a small waist, and make you look slimmer without having to go to the gym. You’ve probably heard about celebrities who wear them – and who would not want to look like your favorite celebrity? But the truth is that, not only are ineffective trainers waist, but they are also dangerous. We’ve all bristle at the thought of corsets that women used to wear, but waist shapers are basically the same thing. And doctors have said that compression of the abdomen can actually cause real damage to your organs. These devices are really afraid.

Fitness fashion # 4: protein shakes and bars

To be clear, we are not talking about shakes made with fruit and / or real vegetables. Those who have a number of real health benefits (provided they do not contain other ingredients with high sugar content). However, many fitness enthusiasts consume protein shakes and bars in order to help build muscle and recover after a workout. The problem is that most of these products include a cocktail of artificial ingredients that come with a number of risks. Instead, it is better to get your protein from natural sources. In general, a diet of real food tends to be the healthiest.

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fitness fad # 5: Specifically toned areas

Whether lagoons thigh for women or V cuts for men, there seems to be a growing obsessed with certain areas of the body trend. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a gimmick fitness or start an exercise routine especially because of the promises that will give you that specific feature. But the fact is shelling out money for a class or trick in order to get the perfect thigh or v-cut gap is probably a loss for most of us. Whether you ever have a body that looks that way depends on our unique physiology, and a class that tones the thighs perfectly to your co-worker can do anything for you. And that’s fine! Instead, it is more important to focus on being healthy and loving your body.

Although there are many beneficial health trends out there, there are some unscrupulous people who will take your money without worrying about whether it is really benefiting. So, how avoid false trends? First, all claiming to be “ to best solution” is probably ineffective. When it comes to health and fitness, all have unique bodies, so there is no one size fits all.

Everything that promises unrealistic demands – that gives muscle tone with minimal or no exercise, which helps to lose large amounts of weight in a very short period of time – is probably false. Very often we believe these claims, so we ignore the voice in our head that tells us it is too good to be true. But most of the time, a simple reality check will let you know that such claims are unfounded.

– Sarah Cooke

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