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5 Extraordinary Home Remedies For Managing Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa or anorexia refers to an eating disorder resulting in extreme weight loss. This disorder is mainly associated with nervous anxiety. Young women are affected primarily with this condition. This psychological disorder begins with an attempt to be thin or thin. Patients who suffer from this disorder generally avoid meals. The extreme fear of weight gain and inaccurate knowledge of body weight are the characteristics of anorexia. Insomnia, mood swings, chronic fatigue, dry skin, depression, low blood pressure, preventing social gatherings and constipation may also be observed when affected by this condition. If this problem is not treated at the right time, leading to serious health complications such as anemia, electrolyte imbalance in the body, kidney problems and bone weight loss, etc.

The following are a few home remedies that are very useful in management with Anorexia is.

1. Sour Grapes:

Sour grapes are very helpful in giving relief from anorexia nervosa. It increases appetite and therefore maintains this disorder at bay. The juice of sour grapes must be mixed with flour and then used for the preparation of bread. Only consume this bread on a regular basis for at least two or three weeks to overcome anorexia. [1]


2. Rock salt with mango juice and sugar candy:

The combination of rock salt, ginger and mango juice is very beneficial in eliminating the anorexy. appetite improved. Take some mango juice and add salt with small amounts of raw materials and sugar candy. Consume this mixture once on a daily basis. [2]

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3. Rock Salt With Ginger:

Ginger is very helpful in improving the appetite. The problems of excessive gas and digestive disorders are well handled by rock salt. All you have to do is take five grams each of fresh ginger and rock salt. Consuming this mixture before meals a day. This effective home remedy does wonders in eliminating the symptoms of anorexia. [3]


4. lemon juice and ginger:

lemon juice and ginger juice stimulates appetite. Take Five ml each of ginger juice and lemon juice. Add 3 ml of honey in the mixture. Two teaspoons of this mixture should be consumed daily after meals. [4]


5. Garlic Soup:

Garlic has an important role in the management of anorexia. Improved hunger by stimulating the digestive system. Take three or four cloves of raw garlic and boil in a little water. You can mix this juice with a little lemon juice, which is very effective to improve the taste of this juice. Consume this juice twice a day. [5]


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