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5 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation

If the gut is empty search in the morning and you are not getting it, it’s time to go natural. Although, try not to publicly disclose the problem of constipation, however, her social life gets quite disturbed by this embarrassing problem. There are many effective remedies home for constipation that can be treated at once. They are much better than laxatives can be found at your local pharmacy.

constipation remedies not only prevent irregular bowel movement, but also avoid repetition in the near future. These natural remedies are simple and they can offer quick relief from this uncomfortable problem. In this case, we are talking about the top 5 effective home remedies for constipation to be treated now

Home Remedies for Constipation

tested and natural home remedies for constipation.

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5 home remedies for constipation

1. the fibers are the most effective natural remedies for constipation

If you are looking laxatives to soften the stool and regulate your bowel, incorporating rich foods fiber in your daily diet. Fibers clean your digestive tract if consumed regularly. You should eat 20-30 grams. fiber daily. These constipation home remedies are available in the form of green leaves, berries, beans, legumes, broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc. They are very effective in treating discomfort in the morning. As such, it may also be preferred fiber supplements to induce bowel relieving properties.

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2. Castor oil in constipation natural remedies

castor oil is a strong laxative to improve bowel movement. It was hoped to stimulate the small and large intestines centuries. Take 1 teaspoon of castor oil fasting morning. If you do not like it this way, is mixed with fruit juice or hot milk to improve the taste. However, you should take in moderation to avoid side effects. It is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, avoid prolonged intake of castor oil to cure constipation.

3. shriveled prunes constipation remedies

The plums are more traditional natural remedies and time-tested for constipation . This wrinkled fruit is rich in dietary fiber, along with a compound called sorbitol that causes intestinal contraction to return to action. You can eat some raisins or drink prune juice is slightly lower in fiber content. Again, there is a word of caution. Avoid excess consumption of plums or juice, otherwise it can cause severe diarrhea.

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4. Lemon juice in Remedies for Constipation

is one of the best ways to answer the question how I can treat constipation . Lemon is rich in citric acid acts as a stimulant for digestion instant. toxins from the body is removed. This effective home remedy is also the simplest. Add the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water. Improve taste with a pinch of rock salt and a little honey. Drinking this juice empty stomach early every morning. Lemon juice is one of the most surprising natural remedies for constipation because you can make use of the goodness of lemon and consume a glass of water every day.

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5. Molasses natural remedies for constipation

in this case, we are talking about the whole molasses . This sweet remedy has always helped victims of constipation with its high content of magnesium, minerals and vitamins. The manufacturing process of these molasses results in their surprising benefits to cure constipation. black-strap molasses are the result of the third boiling point of pure cane juice. This crystallized form to be consumed in the evening to have a clear bowel in the morning is recommended. It can be taken directly in the amount of 1-2 teaspoons or mix it with hot water or tea. Besides being tasty, it’s pretty healthy.

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These are the five best natural ways to help you answer questions like How can I treat constipation or these remedies are effective. Along with these home remedies for constipation, you have to trust the healthiest drink available. Yes, we are talking about water. Drink plenty of water every day and exercise regularly to overcome constipation ever.

Friends, If you know some effective home remedy for constipation, share with us in the comments section!

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