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5 Easy Natural Ways To Stop Dry Cough

Natural Ways To Stop Dry Cough

dry cough, also known as non-productive cough, usually caused by irritation or inflammation of the throat. Unlike breast or productive cough, a dry cough is not accompanied by phlegm production. Apart from the viral infection of the respiratory tract, dry cough can be triggered by exposure to allergens, smoke and dry cough pollutants.Persistent the environment is an annoying problem. However, natural remedies are available for curing dry cough.

To get rid of dry cough annoying, you can rely on the following natural remedies:

Gargle salt water

to soothe a sore throat, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with saline. Salt is a natural antiseptic. It destroys the germs in the throat and provides fast relief of respiratory infection. Moreover, saline also helps in hydrating the throat, which helps in reducing the dryness of the throat.

Warm Saline Gargles

honey, ginger and basil leaves

Honey and basil leaves help soothe the throat and destruction of microbes that cause strep throat. Ginger has anti-inflammatory property, which helps in reducing irritation in the throat caused by inflammation of the membrane of the airways. Mix one teaspoon of juice extracted from fresh basil leaves, a teaspoon of ginger juice and three teaspoons of honey. To cure dry cough, take a teaspoon of the mixture of two to three times a day.

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Honey, ginger and basil leaves

cinnamon, honey and lemon

cinnamon has potent anti-inflammatory properties. To banish the persistent dry cough, boil two cinnamon sticks in 8 ounces of water for 3 to 5 minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice and cinnamon tea drink hot tea.

Cinnamon, Honey and Lemon


almond is a good source of zinc, vitamin E and proteins that help strengthen the immune system and provides fast relief from persistent cough. Soak 7-8 almonds in water during the warm night. The next morning, remove the skin and make a smooth paste. Take this paste twice a day to cure dry cough.


Thyme tea

To stop dry cough, drink thyme tea. Thyme works by relaxing the smooth muscles of the throat. Moreover, thyme contains antibacterial compounds which help in the treatment of respiratory infections. Thyme tea by adding two tablespoons dried thyme in a cup of warm water for about 15 minutes. Drinking herbal tea twice a day to stop persistent dry cough.

Thyme Tea

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