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5 Easy Homemade Lemon Packs For Everyday Skin Care

Lemon juice is an important skin care ingredient. This helps in skin care in a number of ways. The acidic nature of lemon based packet functions as an anti-tan. This helps to lighten skin naturally and reduces excessive oil secretion. Lemon juice works in the fight against bacteria and infections away that often they affect the skin and lead to skin rashes and skin problems. If you use based lemon for skin care packages on a regular basis, you will be able to take care of many skin problems. Enjoy a healthy skin throughout the year.

Here are 5 Easy homemade lemon Packs for skin care every day

1. Lemon juice and yogurt package

Lemon juice and fresh yogurt is one of the care packages the most popular skin. Lemon juice helps clear the skin, removes excess fat and helps in reducing the frequency of pimples and rashes. Yogurt helps soften the skin, which helps in adding moisture and hydrates the skin from the inside. To prepare this package three tablespoons of yogurt mixed with three or four drops of lemon juice are needed. Beat well and apply all over your skin, smooth and with a circular motion. Rinse with warm water.


2. turmeric and lemon juice pack

This is easy to do this anti-tanning package. a teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder is necessary and add a drop of lemon juice. You can add a little water to dilute this package. Once the lemon juice and turmeric powder are well mixed, it is necessary to apply this all over your skin. After ten minutes rinse your face with warm water. Turmeric has several medicinal properties and helps in adding a natural freshness and radiance to the skin. It is also responsible for skin rashes and infections.

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3. gram flour and lemon package

chickpea flour is popular for centuries for its ability to nurture and care for the skin. two tablespoons of chickpea flour and thre teaspoons lemon juice are needed. Add a little water to make a thin paste. Mix well until there are no lumps of chickpea flour. If desired, you can add a teaspoon of yogurt. Apply this pack on your hands, legs and face. Let it dry and then you can rinse. Chickpea flour acts as a good scrub and helps remove dead skin cells. This package helps to clarify the skin and reduces bronzing of the skin as well.

 Gram Flour And Lemon

4. Sugar and lemon Package

This is a great mask that works well to remove dead cells and impurities as well. To prepare this scrub, a spoonful of sugar and a few drops of fresh lemon juice is needed. Spoon and mix until sugar granules begin to melt slowly. You can then apply this scrub all skin and rub gently in a circular motion. This mask is suitable for all skin types. This helps to illuminate the skin. Regular application keeps the skin healthy and free of dead skin cells that often make the skin look dull.

 Sugar And Lemon

5. Lemon, milk and oats Package

Oatmeal helps remove dead cells and impurities that often clog the pores and lead to pimples and rashes. To prepare this package, two tablespoons of oatmeal and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice are needed. Add a tablespoon of milk to make a paste. You can apply this package all skin and massage in circular motions. Let the package remain for ten minutes and then you can rinse your face with warm water. You will love the natural freshness and shine on your face.

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