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5 Easier Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home | Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth

home remedies for whitening teeth whitening teeth naturally at home, these home remedies are readily available at home showing the best results and make your good impression on everyone


Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth

teeth is one of the first that people notice and are a sign of health and self-confidence. When making the first impression, having teeth that looks yellow indicating that they no longer care about yourself. Whiter teeth as thick, shiny hair, is something that everyone wants in the world cosmetically driven. No matter how white you want your teeth there are plenty of natural home remedies to whiten your teeth. Here are some best home remedies for teeth whitening.

tooth discoloration is a part of the aging process, but like wrinkles that many people struggle against it. To realize that the way to whiten your teethyou must know the reason why the teeth are several factors, including genetics, yellow what kind of food they eat and drink and how well the practice of oral hygiene.

A tooth is comprised of 4-fabric enamel is strong white cover that protects teeth, dentin, which is compatible with his enamel wears nerves, flesh, blood and lymph vessels covering the tooth root . Home remedies are concentrated whitening teeth that have lost the white enamel, but prevent more than last hour.

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home remedies for teeth whitening:

Baking soda and lemon juice Pasta:

Sodium bicarbonate which is sodium bicarbonate is slightly abrasive gentle washing can remove stains from teeth and return to the whiter shade. two teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice needed to make a paste and put a certain amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and apply.

strawberry, salt and baking soda Scrub:

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which can help the board decomposition causing teeth a yellowish color. To make the dough strawberry puree 3/2, add a pinch of salt and ½ teaspoon soda. Clean extra spit with tissue paper and apply dry mouth for 5 minutes and then rinse.

Coconut oil:

Rinse your mouth with coconut oil is a unique and old resource that help whiten teeth safely. In the morning before brushing the oil can just put your mouth do the latter and let it soften for 10 minutes and then spit and wash with water.

Apple cider vinegar:

This work eventually as a gum cleaner mouth and remove stubborn stain teeth. You can brush regularly for the best result, but do not forget to brush your teeth with toothpaste because it contains acid that can remove nail.

peels of lemon and orange:

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This mixture can also help whiten teeth because they remove nicotine stains teeth, use of the mix lemon and orange peels to make dough and brush with toothpaste after applying to be on the safe side.

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