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5 Daily Habits To Keep a Healthy Gut (+ Body)

Your overall health depends largely on a very important organ … the gut.

Currently, doctors and researchers say their gut is responsible for your digestive health, immunity, mood, weight, skin condition, and more. That is why it is important to keep your gut in top form.

So how the hell is that ?!

First, you should know that your gut is filled with billions of bacteria. Do not worry – this is not a bad thing! About 80 percent of the bacteria that is “good” and the remaining 20 percent is considered “bad”.

Let me put it another way – 80 percent of their intestinal bacteria is it alleged be good and the remaining 20 percent is supposed to be evil. With our poor diets and lifestyles of high stress, however, many people have way more harmful bacteria that are supposed to. To help maintain intestinal bacteria in proper balance (and all its healthy body), take these five habits daily:

1) cut sugar

Here’s a scary fact for you – the average American consumes about 400 calories a day of added sugars. That’s far more than you are supposed to eat! While sugar can please our palates, our inner certainly do not share the love.

Sugar acts as a fertilizer for bad intestinal bacteria and yeasts. To make matters worse, when the bad bacteria takes over, many of our good bacteria dies. This can lead to:

  • leaky gut syndrome
  • Candida overgrowth
  • inflammation
  • weakened immunity
  • autoimmune disease
  • weight gain
  • skin problems
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the list is endless.

Now, here’s some more bad news. Doctors say that sugar is extremely addictive, similar to how people are addicted to drugs. So once you’re used to eating a diet high in sugar, cutting back on the sweet stuff it can be difficult. Check out our 7 tips to help you break with sugar forever.


2) Eat fermented foods

fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, natto , and tempeh are rich in probiotics. You may know by now that probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help our intestinal health flourish.

3) Taking a daily probiotic

not rely exclusively on foods rich in probiotics to improve their intestinal health, however. In fact, the amount of probiotic foods rich would have to eat in order to get great results sustainably is daunting. That is why doctors, medical professionals, and Gut Health Project recommend taking a daily supplement of probiotics high quality, such as Probiotic America!

Why probiotic America?

Research suggests up to 80% of probiotic brands are useless. The main reason for probiotic supplements is not because they are weak. Usually, capsules and tablets can not protect sensitive crops acids hard stomach. This means, beneficial bacteria never reach the intestine, where they can benefit your health.

Probiotic America, however, is a supplement power next top 15 strains of bacteria and has 30 billion UFC high quality.

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For more information about how to rebalance your gut probiotic America and help cleanse the colon click here.

The power of probiotics

Find more information about probiotics and how they can improve their overall health in this short video presentation:

Click here for more!

4) Get Moving

A recent study showed exercise can promote a diverse intestinal flora (which is a good thing)! The study focused on rugby players who are regularly active. Researchers say the results showed a clear relationship between exercise and the diversity of the intestinal microbiota.


5) Relax & Sleep

stress affects our health in many ways, including intestinal bacteria. To help maintain balanced intestinal flora, it is important to keep stress at bay. I know this is harder said than done. After all, we have bosses to please, children tend to relationships and to nurture. Also, do not forget the long list of obligations we commit to on a regular basis. Despite the lifestyle of high stress we live, take some time to himself. Dedicate 10 minutes in the morning to meditation. This can help silence the negativity in your mind. You can also take an hour to work out in the gym, spend some time walking outdoors, reading a good book or relax in a hot bath detoxification. Whatever it is that helps you eliminate stress, do that!

The 5 Habits daily to maintain a healthy intestine (+ Body) first appeared in Gut Health Project .

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