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5 Body Parts I Didn’t Expect to Hurt During Pregnancy

When I became pregnant for the first time, I was nervous and excited to see what changes my body would go through.


who was the first of my young family and close friends to get pregnant, so I did not have much warning about what to expect. My mother tried to tell me that when I came near term, could experience some discomfort when the baby grew and the room was reduced.

he was prepared for some of the aches and pains, but you know? I was surprised to notice some of the pains were and what parts of the body pain felt pregnancy

1) My head :. From the beginning in the first quarter and into the second, I would get these pains head annoying painful. I was not someone who has a lot of them before pregnancy, so it was a surprise to me. Probably due to hormones, so it eased slightly in the latter part of the second quarter

2) My feet :. I knew that my feet are likely to get some pain as I got near the end of extra weight to carry the pregnancy. What I did not expect though was how much it hurt, even if I did not do much walking. Mild swelling in the ankles and feet facts, including the use of socks uncomfortable

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3) My hips: should have known, because it only makes sense, but the pain in the hips – I swear that. I did not expect it. It hurt to sit down, get back up, turn around, and it only got worse as I got bigger

4) My kidneys :. I am one of those unfortunate people who develop multiple (as I have spent 24) kidney stones during pregnancy. I did not expect it, but man, my kidneys felt much pain during pregnancy

5) My navel :. I not even really knew you could feel in your belly button, but as my stomach grew and stretched, so did my navel and pains began there. It is not something that worried me but it took me by surprise as I had not seen mentioned in any of the multiple pregnancy books I was reading

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