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5 Best Teas For Diabetes Management

Diet plays an important role in diabetes control. If you are concerned about controlling spikes in levels of blood sugar, consider drinking herbal tea that are known for their anti-diabetes properties. They contain certain compounds that help reduce the level of high blood sugar through various mechanisms. By replacing unhealthy sugar-laden drinks tea healthy herbs that can easily maintain the level of blood sugar under control. The following infusions are best suited for diabetics.

Here are 5 best teas for diabetes control:

1. Licorice tea

root licorice contains certain substances that help reduce the level of blood sugar. In addition, it is also known for its anti-inflammatory property, which is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Pour five cups of hot water in a pan and add a stick of licorice and let stand for several minutes. [ 1 ] ¼ cup drink weak tea licorice before each meal.

Licorice Tea

2. Dandelion tea

dandelion is a source of a natural blood sugar reducing compound called alpha-glucosidase. Dandelion tea is a powerful anti-diabetes drink. It can drastically reduce the level of blood sugar. People taking diabetes medications should monitor their blood sugar in the blood while taking dandelion tea to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. [ 2 ] Your doctor may reduce the dose of your diabetes medicine if you are using the dandelion tea for managing blood sugar.

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Dandelion Tea

3. The cranberry tea

tea made with blueberry leaves and berries is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Bilberry leaves are rich in chromium, which helps improve diabetes control. Moreover, bilberry leaf contains an anti-diabetes called myrtillin compound. Drinking cranberry tea also helps improve circulation and reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy. [ 3 ] To manage diabetes, make tea boiling 2/3 cup blueberries blueberry leaves in two cups of water for about 25 minutes. Drinking a couple of cups of tea a day blueberry.

Bilberry Tea

4. Chamomile tea

to control the level of blood sugar, diabetics can drink one to three cups of tea daily. Chamomile contains certain active compounds that aid in the blockage of unwanted decomposes glycogen in the liver. [ 4 ] In addition, chamomile tea appears to help reduce sorbitol accumulation in cells of diabetics, reducing the risk of complications of diabetes.

Chamomile Tea

5. Green tea

Regular consumption of green tea seems to help manage blood sugar. Studies suggest that green tea polyphenol epicatechin mimics the hormone insulin in the body. It also helps in the regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas, which helps in increasing insulin production. [ 5 ] Therefore, green tea can help reduce the level of blood sugar.

green tea

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