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5 Best Home Remedies For Managing Heat Rash

The rash is another name for heat rash. This is one of the most common skin problems. It seems to be pink or red. These eruptions are found in the body that is covered by clothing. Itching and sweating are the main discomfort associated with heat rash. This skin problem is very common in babies overdressed. However, adults also can be captured with this skin problem during hot, humid climates. These eruptions are like little pimples or spots emerging in the shoulders, neck and head. They are irritated by scratching and clothing.

However, this skin problem can be reduced by effective home remedies

1. Cornstarch:

cornstarch is very useful in reducing the symptoms of the most vexing problems such as heat rash. All you have to do is simply take 2/3 cup of cornstarch and add 1/3 cup of baking soda. Mix these ingredients in the bath water. Bath water must be cold. Taking bath with cooler water is known to be useful for soothing heat rash. [1]


2. Potatoes:

problems of skin irritation can be well handled by the potato. This wonderful plant reduces redness, irritation and inflammation associated with heat rash. Take a piece of raw potato. Rub affected with this potato slice area. The cooling effects of the potato reduce itching. [2]

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3. Sodium Bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate is very effective in giving you relief heat rash. This excellent ingredient frees you from annoying itching rash. ½ cup or a cup of this ingredient should be added to the fresh water bath. Soaking in water bath for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes. After that, dry the skin. Then apply some baking soda in their heat rashes. the sweat of your heat rash is absorbed and cleared. [3]


4. Cold Compress:

The application of cold compresses on heat rashes that offers faster relief. Just take a face cloth or sponge and soak in cold water. After soaking, squeeze out excess water from the cloth or sponge. Then apply it on the affected area. This method can be followed as often as desired. [4]


5. Ginger Bath:

Another fantastic to get rid of heat rash remedy is ginger. To do this, first, take a quart of boiling water. Fall ½ cup grated fresh ginger in the water. It is not recommended to boil the ginger, because it loses its effectiveness. Just place in boiled water and keep the mixture aside for five minutes. Then strain and cool the solution. Then a towel should be soaked in water ginger. Then tighten the towel and apply on heat rashes. Ginger is very helpful for improving circulation. Therefore, it provides quick relief from heat rash. [5]

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