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5 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

These exercises combines some of the most effective movements that works deep into the muscles of the waist to develop strong, flat abs. It targets the obliques to tone and stretch muffin tops. To master belly fat, you have to adopt a healthy eating plan. When a healthy eating plan combined with these movements begin to notice changes in your waist. Get rid of stubborn love handles by adding these movements to your daily workout routine.

Man Super

exercise to get rid of muffin top


  • lie on his stomach with his face to the ground. When getting into position, keep your arms straight along its sides.
  • Extend both arms out in front of you. Keep elbows slightly bent. Be sure to stretch their arms as far as you can while keeping your elbows bent. Place your arms so that your palms face down.
  • Lift your legs and arms of the earth as if you are flying. You want to keep your kernel on the stationary soil position.lift chest, using your back muscles to keep your arms and legs elevated
  • Be sure to lift the arms and legs same time to maximize the training effect.
  • Having held this position for about 1 minute, release and relax the muscles completely.
  • 3 series for 1 minute each or for all the time it can hold.


Exercise to get rid of muffin top

mountain climber

  • Start in a plank basic position, forming a straight line from head to toes line. Shoulders and hands over weight in just his toes.
  • With its committed core, bring the right knee forward under the chest, with toes right next to the plant. Return to place the base table. Switch legs, bringing your left knee forward. Keep moving each knee on the same side of the elbow.
  • Continue alternating legs and start to pick up the pace until you feel a little like running in place in a plank position.
  • Continue for 1 minute. Repeat 4 times

bicycle crunch

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exercises to get rid of muffin top

Crisis bicycle

  • Lie on your back on a mat with your knees bent, feet on the floor and hands behind head.
  • lower Press your back against the canvas and tighten your abs as you lift your head muscles, shoulders and upper back lift floor one of the legs up and spread out. Bend the other knee toward your chest and rotate your core to your opposite arm he comes towards the raised knee. Lower the leg and arm and bring the leg and the opposite arm together.
  • Move your legs in a bicycle motion. When left knee is closer to your body, reach your right elbow to it. When your right knee is closer to your body, reach your left elbow to it.
  • Try 3 sets of 10 repetitions

abdominal rotation weighted

exercises to get rid of muffin top

abdominal rotation weighted

  • Start in a seated position with legs bent and feet on the floor. Extend the leg in front of you and lean back a little and not lean back more than half the distance to the ground
  • Hold a weight in the chest with both hands and lean backward to create tension on the abdominal muscles.
  • slowly turn your torso to one side, touching the weight to the ground and return to starting position. Exhale until your lungs are empty.
  • Turn to the other side and repeat the movement for desired repetitions.
  • Try 3 sets of 15 repetitions
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side bends with or without weight

exercises to get rid of muffin top

side Curve

  • Stand straight with feet together or width shoulders. Keep your shoulders back and chest up. Hold hands at his side. Tighten the muscle belly pulling your navel to your spine. Inhale.
  • bend at the waist and reach down with your right hand as you can, without swinging hips. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and exhale. Keep your hands close to your body.
  • involve more than the abdominal muscles. lean side while creaking slightly forward rather than simply crunching aside. Pause for a second and slowly return to the starting position.
  • Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions


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