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5 Best Exercises to Build Strong Abs

There are many best abdominal exercises to strengthen and tone them. These are difficult, but actually work and need some time to show results. If you are a beginner or an expert in exercise, you must need a physical trainer to make the right move.


planks exercises

Planks are among the best abdominal exercises that are impressive because they are too effective and work miraculously fast. Most women and girls have no idea about making effective boards. With a little practice, you can master and make them fairly easy. them for 2 to 3 minutes at a time.
You can make three-point plank lifting a foot off the floor and holding here. You can also do side planks.

TRX fallouts

TRX Fallouts exercises

one ab wheel is required to do abdominal exercise but if you do not have any problem . TRX is the best thing you can have. With the help of TRX you do fallouts that is almost similar to deployments. You can easily adjust the difficulty of the exercise while using TRX. Standing upright will make it easier. If lengthen the straps and lowering himself on the ground, it can be very hard.

leg raise hanging

Hanging leg raise excercise

To make hanging leg raises, must have something to cling to. You can do this in the gym or in the park where you can find a bar. Apparently it seems easy, but it is actually quite difficult. Do several times during training and not take a break while doing it.

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body TRX saw

TRX body saw

These are also the best abdominal exercises because these are effective and easy to learn. This movement is a mixture of fallouts and iron. Its an advanced type of exercise and should be done only if you are expert. Its he not suggested to beginners. If you are doning in a machine, you can increase the straps to make it more difficult. Ensure that all training, you have the control of movement.

reverse crunches

Reverse Crunches

These are also the best abs and very effective exercises, and exerting pressure on making the abdominal muscles toned and slim.

This exercise is the opposite of regular crunches and need more effort. Sit on the floor with knees bent and hands behind head. Now move to the ground, keeping your feet directly on the floor and knees bent. Keep your core tight and tense during this movement. No need for any equipment for this exercise.

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