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4th Month Pregnancy Diet – Which Foods To Eat And Avoid?

4th Month Pregnancy Diet [?

are not you glad that your first trimester is over? Phew! The second quarter is a beautiful time and people call the period of pregnancy honeymoon. Chances are that by now everything that bothers nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, swelling and pee will disappear.

now feel more active, energetic and less anxious; It is during this magical quarter will begin to feel the baby move. Believe me, nothing on earth beats that feeling! Towards the end of the second trimester, your belly will also begin to show and people’s attention is once again focused on welfare.

What’s going on with the baby?

The objective of the second quarter is growth. By the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby is fully formed. All organs, including the brain, kidneys, spinal cord, eyes, fingers, fingers, lungs and heart, is formed and fully functional.

Pregnancy is a delicate matter. Consult physicians confidence in Lybrate.

The body works hard to calcified bones of the baby and to refine all organs. Therefore, their fourth month of pregnancy diet needs to be more stimulating growth and nutritious. Here are some dos and don’ts diet for your fourth month of pregnancy.

The Fourth Month: What to eat:

This is a plan that you can follow during the fourth month of pregnancy diet.

1. High fiber:

This is the perfect time for you to start building a base for freedom of constipation in the latter part of pregnancy and after delivery. Be sure to add a lot of fiber in your diet fourth month of pregnancy and also, at every meal. Foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, oats and green vegetables. Choose iron-fortified whole wheat bread instead of regular white bread.

2. Essential fatty acids:

Among other things, the baby and your body need these acids to reduce the risk of premature birth, low birth weight and mental and cognitive delay in the baby. Make sure your diet contains sufficient amounts of Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids by taking foods like freshwater fish, canned tuna, nuts and olive oil.

3. Dairy products:

His body, and has yet to increasing amounts of calcium baby. Your doctor may prescribe a pill of vitamin D and calcium to enter the fourth month of pregnancy. You can help your baby develop stronger bones by adding at least one liter of milk products per day. Having 2 glasses of milk or cottage cheese 500 g or 200 g of paneer . These act as good calcium supplements his medication.

4. Meals:

If nausea is gone, you can include meat in your diet; but make sure it is washed and cooked very well. undercooked meat can lead to deadly viruses and bacteria. If you are tempted (or forced) to eat out, order tandoori or roast beef as it is safe to be cooked to the core.

5. Fruits:

Fresh fruits are a must throughout pregnancy, as they have lots of vitamins and minerals; Moreover, they are high in water content and / or fiber. The reason why fresh fruit is the absence of preservatives and artificial coloring. The fourth month of pregnancy can trigger heartburn and heartburn. Therefore, fresh seasonal fruits of different colors should be an integral part of their diet in the fourth month of pregnancy.

6. Iron-rich foods:

The acceleration of the growth of the fetus from the fourth month need more iron. Also, your body also needs to make additional 6.3 liters of blood for pregnancy (hence the famous glow preggers!). A diet rich in iron which helps to make more blood and the baby to help better growth. Add foods like nuts, dhaals , eggs, nuts and whole wheat products in your diet. In addition, consult your doctor before starting any supplements of iron.

Pregnancy is a delicate matter. Consult physicians confidence in Lybrate.

Fourth Month: what not to eat:

Although the first major quarter is over and now can look forward to her baby and her antics, there are still some precautions and foods that should be avoided in its fourth month of diet to ensure the safety of baby pregnancy.

1. Soft Cheese:

Often, these cheeses are made from unpasteurized milk and can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. Therefore, to avoid soft cheeses of all types. You can always choose foods that contain hard cheese because it has low water content. The low water content makes it less prone to disease-causing microorganisms.

2. Maida

Maida or refined flour becomes a major concern of the diet in the fourth month since it is difficult to digest and can cause painful constipation. Although constipation itself is a minor thing, it can cause hemorrhoids after delivery. Therefore, say no to foods like samosas , momos, noodles, etc.

3. Sea Fish

To the extent possible, avoid sea fish as they are loaded with methylmercury, a compound that can cause mental retardation in the fetus. If you can not do without fish, go for freshwater varieties.

4. Street Food:

Although it seems very tempting for your cravings for food, street food should be kept away from. There is no guarantee of cleanliness and freshness of food products and containers. street food can cause food poisoning and other water-borne diseases such as typhoid. Therefore, prepare a dish that chaat pakodis and Dahi Bhalla own home.

5. Excess nuts:

Although a cup of dried fruit is good for you, avoid taking too many nuts in the fourth month of pregnancy. They are very rich and warm, in essence, and for some women, can cause premature contractions.

6. Licorice:

Called mulethi in Hindhi, otherwise this wonderful herb can wreak havoc on pregnancy by activating the contractions. Therefore avoid licorice and licorice extracts, and remember that some candies, toothpaste and Indian sauces also contain licorice.

The fourth month of pregnancy is a wonderful time to experience. There are so many new things going on with your body and attitude that this transformation seems almost magical. Do not take these precautions, but at the same time – enjoy your pregnancy

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