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40% of Women in America Are Now Obese

Obese women walking on the street (Source: foxnews.com)
Obese women who walk down the street from the US . (Source: FoxNews .com)

Do you know that women have a greater tendency to gain weight than men because they generally have a higher proportion of fat cells to muscle cells, enjoy of activities under outdoor men and have slower metabolism to burn calories, ie, lower B asal metabolic rate (TMB). Also, puberty changes a woman’s body so that they gain more weight around the waist and thighs . A lot of women in the US work long hours in offices and jostle between their work and home responsibilities. This often leads to a lot of stress, which leads to binging and oily food preferences. Grasping objects fast food to eat through your way is convenient.

lifestyle of women in America

Unlike India, technology in the United States has issued a wide range of household appliances to perform their work, and so therefore it not required little or no physical effort. In addition, most women in America get involved in hectic work schedules and hardly has time to follow fitness exercises body every day.

As a grand finale, fad diets and treatments attract women in the United States to lose weight without exercise or leaving any fast food .

pregnancy also leads to greater weight gain in women, because the body has to be able to support the delivery of children and breastfeeding. A lot of baby fat develops in the body, and if it is not burned by an active lifestyle, is getting stored, thereby deshaping body.

According to a recent report Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases each 4 in 10 women in America (40%) were classified as “obese” . About 8% of all women are considered to have extreme obesity.

As a result, high cholesterol in women has soared from 24.0% in 1988-1994 to 27.3% in 2011. -2014

Women in America
obesity trends (Source: newsela.com)

Overweight and obesity result from the extra energy (not used) stored in the body. The body needs a certain amount of energy from food to perform basic life functions. When energy is purchased food is used completely in our everyday activities, then no extra energy storage. Although when energy expenditure as calories get less than what we eat, the extra energy as fat is stored in the body, leading to overweight and obesity .

A big reason behind such huge rise in obesity in the nation’s food choices and eating habits of its people.

Women in America
that increase food weight (Source: medicaldaily.com)

First, unlike India, amounts of food in the United States are large in size. A serving of regular coffee in the United States is about 16 oz in size and 350 calories, while the same serving size is 8 ounces and contains 115 calories in India . The same goes for most staple foods like popcorn, chips, hamburgers, soft drinks, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. If people get used to eating large portions of food, which are actually more than their bodies need, then your body will begin to store excess fat while their minds do not realize that your stomach is full and they have to stop eating, because it would be taking only one “single serving.”

Women in America
an American woman eating hamburger large (Source: Indiatoday)

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Dietitians always suggest that taking small portions of food and end up eating a little before it is completely full so that when the food reaches the stomach, not overeating. Small amounts ensure that eat the right amount. In contrast, all fast food chains rely largely extravagant images and larger sizes of food marketing to attract customers.

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Second, fast food, as the name suggests, is designed to be fast in service, and therefore all products are produced in large quantities. This is substantially different from eating in a fine restaurant as the food items in a restaurant are relatively cool and personalized. Most of the semi-cooked fast food chains food comes from the factories where preservatives are added to give pleasure and make it last . In addition, a large amount of trans fat and saturated food in bright looking fat and more flavor are added, which makes it even more attractive. Nothing is really healthy or fresh within any items from fast food

A report on obesity among women in the United States :.

If food has to be eaten on the fly, then the fresh homemade alternatives must be chosen, as a simple sandwich vegetables , fruit, yogurt, toast walnuts, carrots, or anything homemade that can grip instantly. Tiffins may be offices with homemade food inside. Burgers are good for taste occasionally, but the basic diet should consist of vegetable salads, boiled or roasted chicken, eggs, bread made from wheat and barley , etc., which is local.

A lot of knowledge is now around relation to the welfare of weight and fitness conscious, both for health and for the way, but people still eat more food than they need and still less active they should. The new era, where everyone seems in a hurry and busy at work, there has been a tremendous amount of relaxed people. Women in the United States consume more calories per day half of what is needed to stay healthy . The culture of fast food escalation makes it even harder to stay in shape.

sedentary lifestyle and workload has given way to stress and hypertension among women, which in turn causes abnormal menstrual cycles and hormonal imbalances .

overweight and obesity increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, disease nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, and some forms of cancer (breast, colon , endometrial and kidney)

women in America
Source :. library.usu.edu

As a result of this epidemic of obesity and food culture, type 1 and type 2 diabetes in US women increased from 8.2% in 1988 -1994 to 11.2% in 2011-2014 .

Preventing weight gain

, the increased levels of activity and losing excess weight significantly reduces the chance of developing diabetes in the future.

obesity increases the risk of heart disease and stroke . But it hurts more than the heart and circulatory system. it is also one of the main causes of stones in the gallbladder, arthritis and other respiratory problems .

Although heart disease is believed more than one ‘ men disease , “almost equal numbers of men and women die from it each year. heart disease is a leading cause of death in women in the United States because he killed 289.758 women in 2013, that’s approximately 1 of every 4 deaths of women .

heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is impeded, causing tissue damage. This usually happens due to a blockage in the coronary arteries. An artery may be blocked due to a buildup of plaque, which is made of fat and cholesterol in fast foods

women in America
Source :. Theheartfoundation.org

reducing the chances of diseases heart could be achieved through a physically active life style with healthy food choices. Smoking and alcohol should be cut. Diabetes should stay in control, and cholesterol should be kept under control. In addition, stress levels should be maintained at lower levels and frequent blood pressure checks should be done.

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Obesity is also linked to depression . It is that obese people are 25 percent more likely to experience depression compared to people with normal weight. Obesity can result in low self-esteem, low self-esteem and social isolation, which in turn leads to depression .

In each age group, women who are depressed are also more likely to be obese than women who are not depressed. It is seen that women are more likely to be obese than men . Percentage of obese adults who are depressed women is 46.7%.

Obesity can lead to complications in pregnancy too . Obese women are examined for any signs of early diabetes in pregnancy and are evaluated in the later stages, so

According to a recent study :. Obesity in the mother is linked to preterm birth Babies

Pre-eclampsia is a disorder of high blood pressure caused due to obesity that can occur during pregnancy or after pregnancy, in which another organ system (usually the kidneys) is damaged. It is a serious disease that affects the entire body of a woman.

Women who are obese during pregnancy are more likely to be infected with infections of the urinary tract , induction of labor is more common in delivery and the use of certain types of drugs to relieve labor pains of the obese mother, is hampered. Obesity during pregnancy increases the likelihood of an emergency cesarean section and its complications, such as wound infections. may result in pregnancy or miscarriage too late .

These complications can be avoided if the excess weight is lost before conception. In addition, regular checkups and exercise can help curb complications for mother and baby

women in America
Complications During Pregnancy (Source: Source: Slideshare .net).

instead of losing your mind on fad diets that promise weight loss without exercise, go for healthy and thoughtful changes in your lifestyle. People with diets feel deprived and do not stick with them. They should choose foods they like to eat in the context of various options, healthy .

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people have begun to rely on diets and treatments that promise them lose weight over a specific period of time without making misleading exercise. They make people starving and drinking and eating small amounts of food. This ends by people who lose a large amount of body fluids and get hollowed bones. Therefore, not starve , or enroll in any diet of fraud, as Bank credulity of their customers and leave their damaged bodies.

eat small portions of food, drink plenty of natural fluids, moderate daily exercise and eat several times (about 7-8 small meals) in a day , what you like to eat and cook at home. Never go hungry, because when the body goes without food for a long time, energy conversion starts in the form of carbohydrates into fat and stores .

Women in America
foods to eat to reduce weight (Source: kitchenaim.com)

eat heavy breakfast and reduce the amount of food intake as the day progresses . eat lighter food at dinner . The body metabolism is the fastest in the morning when you wake up, therefore, more calories efficiently burns, and gradually slows as the day goes on, so the food has to be lighter. The more calories the body burns in the morning, the more your metabolism gets faster and calorie burning and weight loss is more efficient.



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