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4 ways to get rid of Sunday scaries and stop fearing on Mondays

Stop fearing Monday


In a perfect world, a typical Sunday would be relaxing and refreshing, a true day of leisure. But for many of us, the end of the weekend brings a sense of fear, often referred to as the Sunday Scaries.

Persistent thoughts about work can arise as soon as you wake up or sneak in, even after a beautiful brunch day with friends. Addressing Monday with a lot of anxiety can make you feel exhausted and exhausted from the beginning, which leaves you with little motivation to conquer next week.

If you have ever had a Sunday Scaries case, it is important to know that you are not alone. More than 76 percent of people fight the "really bad" blues on Sunday night. Although the anticipation of the work week seems inevitable (and almost universal, at least in the US), you don't have to settle for that feeling of stomach pain forever.

Try these four settings to say goodbye to the Sunday Scaries and transform your attitude for next week.

1. Don't let life accumulate.

It is tempting to postpone personal matters, such as meal preparation, errands and mail, on work days. Deferring and grouping similar tasks is a smart way to be productive, but overestimating What you can achieve in a single Sunday leaves you frustrated, which does not lead to peace.

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Eliminating the pressure to rebuild your life within a hectic 24-hour window helps you feel fulfilled, unbridled and balanced so you can start your week on the right foot. Start early and distribute things: before leaving your desk on Friday afternoon, mark some tasks you normally postponed until Monday, such as zeroing your inbox or paying bills. Make tying up loose ends on Sunday more manageable by tackling household chores at a steady pace throughout the week.

2. Make special or sacred Sundays.

Sunday is half the weekend, so make the most of it. You don't have to plan an adventure that will leave you exhausted on Monday, but don't dismiss it as a day full of monotony tasks or simply schedule it for the hangover recovery.

Fill your day with activities that you find genuinely restorative, whether you settle down with a new book, go on an excursion or enjoy dinner with friends. Your brain will begin to associate Sunday again with excitement and fun, not fear.

3. Whenever possible, relax in the next week.

Sometimes you can't help having a meeting or a deadline on Mondays in the early hours. But if you have any control over your schedule, try to relax during the work week. Knowing that you will start Monday with a powerful morning routine or with the work you enjoy can help calm anxiety the night before.

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4. If the Sunday Scaries persist, listen to your instinct.

Persistent and intense fear for several weeks or more should be taken seriously because it may indicate depression, exhaustion or other underlying condition. If you experience work-related insomnia or feel physically ill at the thought of entering the office on Monday, talk to a doctor and seek support.

Listen to your instinct. Do not ignore the signs that suggest a toxic workplace is affecting your health. Moving from a job that is not right is a difficult decision to make, but it will ultimately lead to positive change.

However, for most people, recovering on Sunday will not require any huge changes in lifestyle or mentality, just some adjustment of habits here and there. Claiming your weekend and enjoying more of your life as a result, well worth the effort.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/melodywilding/2019/08/25/4-ways-to-get-rid-of-the-sunday-scaries-and-stop-dreading-mondays/

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