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4 Tips How To Turn You Period Painless And Get Into A Happy Period

Menstruation is one of those things that nobody feels comfortable talking, not even women. Menstruation is even more taboo to talk about their sex life which is ironic because like the sex menstruation is a normal bodily functions that happen to every woman and you just can not stop it.
But what if I told you can apply these tips how to convert your period pain ? As if menstruation is not bad enough to stomach, horrible mood changes, there are only so many things you have to deal with many things to decide when you are on your period.
But of all the things that keep your personal hygiene during the period should be their priority, which is why today I will share some hygiene tips on how to turn your painless period.
1. Properly store your Sanitary napkins
This it is a basic tip, but very important nonetheless. All women, of course, use sanitary napkins, but many women do not realize how important it is to store your pads in an appropriate manner.
The stuffing cotton in their sanitary napkins attract bacteria, and if you pour about sanitary napkins, which will cause itching and allergies. Not too mention you private areas are very sensitive so you just can not waste time when it comes to storing their sanitary towels.

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2. Keep an extra set of underwear when you are on your period
This is a very important thing to do when you are on your period, always carry an extra pair of underwear, because let’s face it, if you are a woman, you are going to mess your underwear someday. Either that or they have already done.
This is why it is important to bring extra underwear because menstrual blood is not hygienic and can be harmful to your health.
So when your underwear gets dirty simply change immediately and be sure to wash underwear separately. I know that there is no direct result like other forms of how to convert your period pain, but at least I’ll be more comfortable during their daily activities.
3. Wash your body
When you are on your period, it is obvious you will suffer a lot of pain and stress that will result in much sweat and sweat in the private area can cause a bacterial infection.
This is why it is important to properly wash your body and change your clothes when you’re sweating, better safe than sorry right.

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4. Some external Care can do
While it is true that our vagina is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism capable, so no it can be washed with soap, but that does not mean that there is nothing you can do. You can, for example, clean the vagina with warm water, which helps kill bacteria.
Do not forget to properly wash hands and dispose of their used sanitary napkins wrapped with something like plastic bags or old newspapers. And, of course, never pull on your sanitary pad down the toilet, because first it’s disgusting and secondly that clogs the toilet.
So that was four tips on how to convert your period pain and make your time in a happy period, remember that there is nothing to be ashamed about menstruation it is all natural.

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