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4 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Vagina


1. Stay away from steam (do not get vaginal advice Gwyneth)

As mentioned above, the vagina is not the carpet, so you should never steam clean it. When it comes to the Gwyneth tips, which can be very bad. We all want to have a healthier life, but if you think this kind of advice can be useful, we have deceived himself. ” If you want to record your vagina, steam treatment, ” it is what he said Raquel Dardik. She is an associate clinical professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Langone NYU Medical Center.

2.Inserting foreign objects

Things that are allowed and it is normal that are inserted into the vagina are: buffers, fingers, sex toys, a penis, birth control, lubricant, menstrual cups. And that’s all, nothing else. Stay away from bananas, cucumbers, devices phallic appearance in your kitchen and female parts. They can cause severe irritation, especially the textures of their female parts.

3. douching really need to stop

There are many products that can make your vaginal smell very nice and you can choose between different smells. But what young Constance said is that these products are not doing any good for your vagina that do exactly the opposite – that make the vaginal microbiome more susceptible to infection. Constance Young is an assistant in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center.
Like I mentioned earlier, you should leave her vagina to be clean. Do you wonder how clean the vagina itself? – Well, environment changes usually acidic to a neutralized one when Apply a mixture of douching and thus the vagina is protected and inhibit itself
No ‘drop these products, because today is all about profit .. they’re selling almost anything on the market just to make money, regardless of the side effects. And they say all good about the products is obvious. If you still want clean and freshen things down there, use unscented soap and water, but only on the outside.


4. medicate is always a bad decision

home remedies like garlic or tea tree oil should be avoided if you want to use for your vagina. We have already mentioned Dardik, and she is advising women to avoid all these resources, as they can cause a chemical burn inside the vagina.

Source: www.naturalmedicinehouse.com

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