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4 rules to healthy snacking at work or school

Healthy snack

Snacking is important for children and adults to maintain energy levels throughout the day and avoid overeating when too hungry approach. However, snacking is sometimes considered as a free for all between meals, in the content areas and vegetable fat or sugar or forget altogether. Snacking between meals should not act as treats, but as part of their overall nutrition for the day. Here are four guidelines to keep in mind that will help make your healthy snack.

1. Get fresh.

about eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day is necessary (and their children need four to six), so it’s a great idea to start every bite with a fruit or vegetable. Try crudit├ęs and hummus or make a shake with kale, berries and yogurt.

2. Turn simple snacks in combos.

Eating a concentrated carbohydrate snack will not keep you full longer, and protein snack not only satisfy very easily. Try to combine complex carbohydrates and proteins, or carbohydrates and healthy fats for a snack mid-afternoon filling. Think Greek yogurt and berries or mixed nuts nuts or seeds mixed with nuts.

3. Do not forget to moisturize.

Enjoy your snack with a glass of water or a cup of green tea. Drinking before eating often helps you feel less hungry, so it is not necessary to chop much but watch the sugar-laden drinks, such as juice or even double-double, which can add all kinds of calories to your snack- without help feel more satiated.

4. Preparation beforehand.

We all know we make more rational decisions about eating when not hungry, and having snacks made in advance helps us to avoid all these options irrational foods that otherwise could do on the machine Vending or store. At the beginning of the week, make a batch of whole grain blueberry muffins , eggs and hard boiled or raw vegetables to cut (and their children) can take snacks along the way. Or put all the ingredients for a healthy smoothie in a blender for their teens to mix as a snack after school.

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