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4 Health-Proven Reasons Why Walking Is Safer And Better Than Running

Regular physical activity is essential for overall health. According to medical experts, it is a secondary and a primary method of preventing the disease.

Dong any physical activity for at least a few times a week can prevent many health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

4 Health-Proven Reasons Why Walking Is Safer And Better Than Running

Moreover, physical activity can prevent hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and generalized anxiety.

also it increases energy levels, improves mood and helps maintain a healthy weight.

In addition, the implementation of an exercise regime since early childhood is very beneficial because most chronic diseases begin then and worsen with age, if not treated properly.

  1. reduces the gain excessive Push

There was a study in Denmark transmitted to see if jogging reduced mortality rates.

According to the study, “light and moderate runners have lower mortality than sedentary non-runners, while strenuous brokers have a mortality rate not statistically different from the sedentary group.”

In short :. For people who live a sedentary life, walking or light jogging is much better than the high intensity

  1. is not how you move but for how long

Numerous studies have found that physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, this is only effective if the amount of sedentary time is also reduced.

Therefore, regardless of the amount and the intensity with which it runs, if you spend the same amount you feel every day, you won`t get the full effect.

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Another study found that “the cost of equivalent energy by moderate part (walking) and strenuous exercise (running) produced similar reductions in risk for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, heart disease and possibly. ”

For example, `s say it takes 10 minutes of intense exercise to burn 100 calories and 30 minutes of moderate walking to burn the same amount. You will experience similar health benefits, provided that energy expenditure is the same.

Briefly :. Although walk will take longer to burn the same amount while running, so will provide the same health benefits for the same amount of energy used

The only difference here is that moderate walking is something you can easily do on a daily basis, while running requires intense days of rest in the middle and is mentally harder.

  1. better for your eyes

A study conducted by the Science Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA found that when people walk and run spend the same amount of energy both have a lower risk of developing cataracts alike.

Bottom line: walking and running are equally effective in reducing the risk of cataracts


  1. too much is bad for your heart

has been shown that excessive and intense physical activity can do more harm than good. Therefore, most medical experts recommend walking instead of running.

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Excessive exercise can lead to cardiac remodeling and arterial fibrosis, or thickening.

Furthermore, it can induce ventricular arrhythmias that significantly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Now they are conducting a series of studies to determine the correct dose of physical activity for different people.

Briefly :. If you live a sedentary life and is about to start with the exercise, which should focus on walking instead of running

Walking is safer and just as effective as Running

Walk provides a number of health benefits, including stress reduction, disease prevention and improve cardiovascular health without side effects execution.

According to a study published by the Department of General Practice at Queen’s University, individuals age 50 to 65 who took fast rides 5 days a week had a lower risk of heart disease and became more convenient . This program is based-long sessions included home and walk 30 minutes.

Medical experts recommend walking the level gradually and its minimum target should be about 150 minutes in a week rises.

4 Health-Proven Reasons Why Walking Is Safer And Better Than Running

Source: dailyhealthpost.com

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