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4 adaptogens to defeat chronic stress and support adrenal health

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adaptogenic-herbs (NaturalHealth365) Did you know that according to the American Psychological Association stress is linked to six of the leading causes of death Even with this staggering statistic, most doctor visits are spent talking about drug treatments compared with the discovery of stress as the root cause. Without addressing stress as a cause of disease, and adrenal fatigue, chronic disease will continue to be increasing .

The great news is that by taking their health into their own hands, there are natural remedies – adaptogenic herbs like – that can be used to defeat chronic stress and adrenal health support. Taking control of your chronic stress is essential for overall health, and may be the answer to slow down the aging process and prevent premature death.

Fact: 75-90% of doctor visits are directly related to stress. Yes, that means you go to the doctor for frequent headaches, trouble sleeping, or acute anxiety can all stem from problems of chronic stress. Unfortunately, more often than not, drugs are the only thing prescribed. These drugs are used to put a band aide on the symptoms you are experiencing, as opposed to the discussion of how stress can be a trigger.

If you think about the fact that more than half of doctor visits today are due to stress stress may be the main cause of disease more than you could possibly imagine. Understanding why stress damages the body is the first step to take control of their health.

Unfortunately, when we suffer a chronic state of stress, physical damage is done to the body by an imbalance in the HPA axis, another known as the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. The HPA axis is in control of our external bodies stress response, commonly known as the fight or flight response. When the body is under chronic stress amount, the HPA axis may not be able to properly respond to stress.

Deterioration of HPA axis may be an influencing factor behind development of autoimmune diseases and even inflammatory conditions. According to Thomas G. Guilliams Ph.D. and Lena M. D. Edwards, repeated exposure to chronic stress can lead to more than one form of deregulation of the HPA axis.

cortisol secretion is one of the main reasons why stress is causing many diseases today. While it is normal to experience moderate amounts of stress in life, chronic daily stress will lead to a steady release of cortisol, leading to an overload of cortisol. When implacably is releasing cortisol, the body becomes insensitive to the hormone, which can cause large amounts of inflammation in the body .

What we know about is that inflammation inflammation is responsible for 8 out of 10 of the leading causes of disease today . What we have here is a domino effect, chronic stress causes cortisol secretion constant -. Resulting in symptoms of inflammation and chronic diseases

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And finally, throwing the body of a harmonious state of biochemical balance can lead to chronic disease. Stress causes an imbalance in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and causes an imbalance in almost all other processes in the body. An unbalanced body leads to opportunities for disease to strike.

adaptogenic herbs have been around for thousands of years, and should be used to help the body restore a natural balance, and help combat the negative effects of stress. Research has shown that adaptogens can improve mood, energy levels, and even reduce the number of chronic diseases, while improving longevity .

can be almost impossible to eliminate all sources of stress from our lives, but it is possible to supply to our body what it needs to combat the negative effects stress has on the body. There are a handful of different adaptogenic herbs for stress, and each has its own unique advantages.

Let’s explore 4 of the best adaptogenic herbs to help defeat stress and support adrenal health.

1. Ashwagandha : This is probably one of the most popular herbs adapotgenic, and well known, and has been known to improve overall strength and endurance. Ashwagandha has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a healing tonic. This powerful herb has been known to help improve endurance, stamina, immunity, and even promote longevity.

Studies have shown that this adaptogenic herb is particularly useful for physical stress due to high intensity exercise. While exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, it can also cause inflammation and muscle damage. This is where you come Ashwananga that helps counteract intense exercise can put stress on the body.

2. Cordyceps Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom, used in traditional Chinese medicine. Mushrooms have been known for their immune supporting properties for centuries, so it is not surprising that cordyceps may be useful to increase the immune response to those facing chronic stress function. Chronic stress significantly alters immune function, so it is essential to do everything in their power to rebuild a healthy immune system and prevent chronic stress is becoming a chronic disease.

3. The purple basil : Holy basil, also known as Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. This adaptogenic herb is one of the most used to help the body cope with chronic stress adaptogens. Holy basil may help protect the body against oxidative stress, and can help the body maintain a healthy balance of cortisol. This herb adoptogenic is incredibly soothing and may even be able to help those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

4. Rhodiola : This is another popular adaptogenic herb that is commonly used to help balance the stress response systems of the body. During times of chronic stress, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system bodies can be thrown out of balance that puts you on the edge, and burn your adrenals. Rhodiola helps balance these systems, and helps the body to achieve a state of homeostasis.

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If you want to take control of their chronic stress, and restore the homeostasis of an organism functioning optimally, then consider one of the four previous adaptogenic herbs. These herbs have been around for thousands of years, and may be the answer to control the negative effects of chronic stress in your life.


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