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33 DIY Home Remedies for Toothache

The teeth are essential for overall health. They allow us to eat foods that provide our bodies with the nutrients they need to function properly. Toothache has many causes, such as infections, injuries and gum disease. The detailed results of tooth enamel caries and problems, which can only be remedied by a dentist. Natural home remedies below relieve toothache and help avoid future problems.

Symptoms of toothache

real pain tooth is just one of the symptoms of dental caries. Then other symptoms that indicate more serious dental problems listed.

  • fever and chills
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Breathlessness
  • gums Red irritated or
  • Sore teeth and inflammation
  • earache
  • headache
  • mouth pain
  • download tasting missing

foods that promote dental health

  • calcium
  • vitamin C and K
  • raw fruits and vegetables
  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • Omega-3
  • oil cod liver
  • leafy greens
  • yogurt
  • green tea
  • whole wheat
  • Water
  • soft foods

foods that cause dental decay

  • Sugar
  • chocolate
  • citrus fruits
  • starches and white grains

the best natural remedies for toothache

the remedies listed below will help relieve pain and other symptoms of tooth decay until you can see a dentist.

1. Salt water

Sal cleans the mouth and pulls the liquids that cause pain and inflammation. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water, let it dissolve, gargle and spit.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has anti bacterial property that kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Gargle alone or diluted with water.

3. Alcohol

Swish some whiskey, whiskey, brandy or vodka to kill germs and numb toothache pain. You can also use a cotton ball to apply them directly to the painful tooth.

4. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract contains a small amount of alcohol that kills the bacteria that cause toothache. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract and keep it in place. You can also use almonds, mint, or lemon extract.

5. The tea tree oil

tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. inflammation in the gums, soothes nerves stops, and penetrates deep into the tooth to kill bacteria that cause toothache. Use a cotton ball to apply it directly on the tooth or mix a few drops in a glass of warm water and rinse with him.

6. The apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is owned acid helps kill bacteria that cause toothache. Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply to the tooth problem.

7. Ginger

Ginger has anti-bacterial properties and prevents inflammation. Chewing a piece of fresh ginger root.

8. Garlic

Garlic is antibacterial. Crush a clove of garlic and keep it within his cheek against the tooth it hurts. You can also crush a clove with sea salt to make a paste and apply that to your painful tooth.

9. Mint leaves

mint has anti-inflammatory properties. Reduces swelling and pain. Chewing fresh mint leaves or dried leaves hold against the tooth hurts.

You can make peppermint tea, add 1 teaspoon dried mint leaves cup of hot water and let stand for 20 minutes. Allow the tea to cool and swish in the mouth and Split out. Repeat the process regularly.

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10. Potato

potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties. That reduce swelling and absorb excess moisture. Keep a slice of fresh potato inside his cheek against the painful tooth or some mashed potato mix of sea salt and apply to the tooth problem.

11. Lime

The citric acid in lemons reduces inflammation and destroys the bacteria that cause toothache. Vitamin C in limes helps the immune system fight bacteria and infection. Apply a slice of lemon directly to your tooth problem and bite to release the juice.

12. Onion

Onions have antiseptic and anti-microbial relieving toothache properties. Chewing a piece of fresh onion for a few minutes or keep it in your mouth and bite to release the juice.

13. The banana

banana leaves prevent toothache with natural medicinal properties .. chew fresh leaves until they are mushy and hold against painful tooth.

14. Pepino

cucumber has soothing properties that reduce toothache and anti-oxidant properties. Keep a slice of fresh cucumber against your tooth problem. You can use chilled cucumber if the tooth is not sensitive to cold. You can mash with salt and place against the painful tooth.

15. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper contains a natural painkiller called capsaicin. Crush some fresh cayenne peppers and add water to make a paste, or mix equal amounts of powdered cayenne and ginger apple cider vinegar to make a paste. Apply the paste of your choice directly to your tooth problem.

16. Black Pepper

Pepper contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve toothache. Black pepper mix with water to make a paste and apply to the tooth problem and hold for a few minutes.

17. Sodium Bicarbonate

Moisten cotton swab in water. Apply baking soda to a cotton ball and hold it against your tooth problem, or mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of luke warm water and swish in the mouth.

18. Nails

Nails have anti-inflammatory effects, anesthetics, and anti-bacterial properties, and contain antioxidants that destroy bacteria. Make a paste with ground cloves and water or olive oil and apply to the affected tooth or tooth against tooth sustain and bite for juicing.

19. Lipton Tea

Keep a Lipton tea bag soaked against his painful tooth. Tannins in tea help reduce swelling and pain. Or you can try a bag of dank tea, if the tooth is not sensitive to cold

20. The ice pack or hot pack

cubes ice wrap in a towel and hold them against her cheek to soothe the pain. Or use a heating pad in the same way.

21. wheatgrass juice

The wheatgrass has anti-bacterial properties that helps get relief from toothache and also get rid of the problem of dental caries. Draws toxins from the mouth and relieves pain. Use a blender to wheatgrass juice and use as a mouthwash, or just chew wheatgrass.

22. Guava

fresh guava leaves are anti-bacterial and pain-relieving and healing the gums and mouth ulcers. Chew one or two leaves. Or add five to six leaves a glass of water. Boil the water for a few minutes and a pinch of salt when heated. Use this as a mouthwash. spinach leaves work the same way if you can not find the guava.

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23. Salt and Pepper

is antibacterial pepper and salt reduces inflammation and helps healing. Mix equal amounts of salt and pepper with water to make a paste and apply it to your teeth and leave for a few minutes.

24. Lemon

Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties and relieving pain. Apply the juice freshly squeezed lemon for sore teeth with a cotton ball.

25. Avocado

avocado has antioxidants that prevent toothache. avocado and roasted seeds are mixed to make a powder. Apply it to the painful tooth and cover with cotton. (Not recommended for pregnant women).

26. Asafetida

Asafetida destroys the bacteria that causes toothache and relieves pain. Add a pinch of asafoetida powder lemon juice. Mix well, heat a little, and then applied to painful tooth with cotton ball. You can also asafoetida fry in clarified butter and apply it to your affected tooth for immediate relief.

27. Bay Berry

crush laurel berries and mix with vinegar to make a paste. Apply it to the painful tooth.

28. Oils

Sunflower oil, sesame oil, oregano oil, nutmeg oil, clove oil and soothe the pain and stop the inflammation. Swish in the mouth or apply with cotton balls.

29. Turmeric

Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that help relieve toothache and anti-septic properties. Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and purified water to make a paste. Use a cotton ball to apply it to your tooth. You can also eat raw or take turmeric turmeric supplements.

30. Myrrh

Mirra reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. Simmer 1 teaspoon powdered myrrh in 2 cups water for 30 minutes. Strain and let cool for a few minutes. Mix 1 teaspoon of this solution in a half cup of water and swish in the mouth 5-6 times a day.

31. Acupressure

Massaging the point on the back of the hand on the web in which the thumb and index finger meet for about two minutes . This releases endorphins that relieve pain. Or, you can massage the spot with ice to get relief from toothache. (Not recommended for pregnant women).

32. analgesics

Take non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen for effective relief of minor sore tooth. Consult a doctor or read the package for proper dosage.

Tips to prevent toothache

  • brush and floss at least twice a day.
  • Eat soft foods until you can see the dentist.
  • Rinse with warm water after eating.
  • elevate your head while sleeping to relieve pain.
  • Try to avoid very hot or cold foods.
  • avoid stress and get plenty of rest.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months and replace your toothbrush every 3 months.
  • Listerine mouthwash use.
  • Avoid alcohol and snuff.
  • Applying Vick vapor rub on the outside of the jaw to relieve pain.
  • Pain in the side of his face is most likely due to nasal congestion, toothache no.
  • consult a dentist at the first sign of pain.

Have you tried any of these natural remedies for toothache? Are you from the others we have not mentioned know? Share your experience with us.


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