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30 Healing Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural, healthy, affordable and tasty ingredient that can be consumed or is used in a wide variety of different creams, products and treatments.

In fact, coconut oil is almost certainly one of the most versatile and useful in the world natural ingredients. And in case you thought it was hyperbole, here are 30 different ways of healing use that …


Cream Side 1 :. Café + coconut oil = a great exfoliating cream that also combats inflammation and moisturizes the skin

2 Toothpaste :. Combine baking soda with mint and a little salt

hair conditioner 3 :. There is no need for extra anything – can be used as it is and leave overnight

Body Butter 4 :. Add to some shea butter for even smoother and more enjoyable experience rejuvenation

5 Café :. Coconut oil in coffee with a little unsalted butter is the recipe for the popular ‘coffee Bulletproof’

6 Cooking oil: Cooking with coconut oil instead of other cooking oils for healthier food that is as tasty


7 Shaving Cream :. Used as it is and the razor glide over the skin

8 Coffee Creamer: Even if you do not “bulletproof coffee ‘, simply by mixing a little oil in your broth will bring the foam

9 Lip Balm :. highly effective for soft lips

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10 Desodorante: works as is, or you can add a little baking soda and applied under the arms that way


11 Pacifier cold sores :. apply to cold sores for pain relief

12 Mosquito Bite Soother: As above


13 furniture polish: Okay, this is no “cure” but it’s pretty impressive

14 Ice cream: Many recipes include ice cream coconut milk. It’s healthy and it’s delicious!

Makeup Remover 15 :. Coconut oil will help get rid of your makeup when applied to a cotton pad

16 healthy Animals: Add some coconut oil to feed their pets and give them a health boost


17 Makeup: Coconut oil removes makeup and can also be makeup. Add activated charcoal to make your own eyeliner.

Baby Lotion 18 :. Helps maintain baby soft skin

Pan Oiler 19: Stops food from sticking without adding unnecessary calories


Massage Oil 20 :. perfect for a romantic evening in

21 Lubricant :. Who knew, coconut oil can also be attractive

22 After Sun :. Coconut oil soothe the skin after sunburn

23 salad dressing: Instead of olive oil


24 Popcorn: popcorn is actually a kind of super already. Add a little coconut oil and has a surprisingly healthy, snack guilt-feeling.

25 Shampoo: Announcement some liquid soup Castilla and water and can be used to clean the hair too

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26 Mouthwash Swill with coconut oil to kill bacteria. It’s called oil pulling!

Breath freshener 27: This process also freshens breath and fights halitosis


Polish shoe 28 😕 Is there anything that not do with these things

29 Hydrating Hand :. Keep your hands soft in winter

30 cuticle oil: and make those cuticles and nails while you’re at it

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