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30 Crazy Facts About Farts You Probably Didn’t Know!

hiccups, burps and farts above them, are bodily functions that often make us laugh, but also make us upset and embarrassed.

However, the truth is farting everyone – at home, at work, while walking. But what do you know these bad horn touches smell of their own, except that the smell and sound weird?

Read the following facts, unpleasant smell bad about them:

1. The word ‘fart’ comes from the Old English word ‘feortan’ that has a vulgar connotation, but it means ‘peer’.
2. An average person farts 14 times a day.
3. Your farts newspapers can fill a medium-sized balloon.
4. Foods that cause fart son cauliflower more broccoli eggs kale red flesh nder milk products and foods rich in yeast.
5. “rectal catheter” can measure the volume of gas produced in farts.

6. The average speed fart coming out of the anus and enters the world is about 9.5 km / h. or 10 feet per second.
7. Hydrogen sulfide is the gas that is responsible for the rancid smell of rotten eggs, and constitutes about 1 percent of the fart.
8. women farts contain more hydrogen sulfide, so your farts smell worse than those of men.
9. own farts of a person who never smells so horrible for him / her as someone farts.
10. lighting a fart on fire is indeed possible.

11. the Romans to fart citizens were advised whenever necessary, and Hippocrates, the Greek physician, recommended farts saying it was necessary for welfare.
12. Sexual arousal caused by farting is called eproctophilia. Yes, farting is a fetish.
13. Pedos can act as a defense mechanism. A 1996 case study on an abandoned child says he used to be wrapped in a protective cloud produced by their own farts, to protect themselves from possible intruders.
14. If you refrain from farting, gases can cause held headaches distended bowel, or hemorrhoids . However, farts pent often find their own way out when the person sleeps.
15. According to research, smelling farts can be healthy. Actually, inhaling hydrogen sulfide (contained in farts) in small amounts can reverse mitochondrial damage and help prevent dementia stroke heart attacks and cancer .

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16. The fart is much stronger if the year is stricter.
17. It has been known that the dead human bodies continue to fart and burp even after 3 hours of his death.
18. “Flatulists” are people who fart for a living, such as Mr. methane.
19. Professional Fart smellers in China can earn up to $ 50,000 a year, by diagnosing diseases of the digestive tract through the odor of flatulence of a person.
20. People of the South American Yanomami tribe greet each other with a strong and pleasant fart.

man’s best friend, dogs, love the smell of farts, which is why we often overlook its snout at the bottom to get a sniff.
22 . A patented brand of claims snack of legumes to possess grain nutrition ‘without causing the known gases caused by grains otherwise.
23. There are few companies like Shreddies, which produce underwear fart-filtering and garments which supposedly trap odors.
24. There are certain pills that cause flatulence smell of roses or chocolate. But there are natural alternatives to reduce odor produced by farts, such as Ginger mint and cardamom.
25. When in a plane, more intestinal gas accumulates as a result of cabin pressure, and as average cabin air is recirculated, these malodorous gases there will be more than usual .

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26. Animals also fart. In fact, termites are the number one farters on the planet. Herrings are said to communicate through farts, and female Southern Pine Beetles attract mates with the magic of farts.
27. The technology could progress, but people continue to regress by creating more and more applications for the iPhone that recreate the sounds of farts. Currently, there are 60 of these applications.
28. Chewing gum and drink a lot of soda produces gases.
29. As you can guess, men malodorous gases released these more than women.
30. is almost impossible to release the gases in the deep blue sea, at depths of 33 and more feet below sea level.

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