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30 Best Herbs And Natural Remedies For Pain And Inflammation

natural remedies and herbs for pain and discomfort

Pain is often a symptom of the disease and one of the main causes that lead a patient to a doctor’s office. commonly prescribed drugs have serious short and long term. Many of them, especially analgesics- also tend to be associated with addiction and several other negative connotations and social consequences. As a result, more and more patients are turning to herbs for pain and inflammation.

Let’s study the best herbs for pain relief, with typical doses

1. Arnica Montana

Arnica is known by several names like Bane leopard, mountain snuff, etc. It is used as a counter-irritant, pain reliever and topically to reduce acne, boils, bruises, sprains, rashes, etc. Studies Montana Arnica gel showed that it was an effective treatment for mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee. Analysis of 8 trials on homeopathic Arnica to be better than placebo drugs were found. Arnica by cosmetic / plastic surgeons for patients who are undergoing surgery to facilitate healing and reduce pain is prescribed.

Dose : Use arnica cream with 15% arnica oil topically. You can also use 2g flower heads in 100 ml of water.

Interactions :. You can interact with drugs against hypertension

2. Black cohosh

Also known as Baneberry or bugbane, Black cohosh is a muscle relaxant, antispasmodic, anti-diarrheal, and anti arthritic in nature. It is also known to relieve pain and headaches menopause.

Dose :. They take 300 to 2000 mg of black cohosh dry three times a day

Interactions – Negatively reacts with hormone sensitive conditions / cancers


3. Camphor

camphor is one of the best herbs for pain and discomfort. It can relieve sinus pain and headaches. In addition to respiratory disease, but also it used in circulatory disorders and muscular rheumatism regulation.

Dosage: Dilute with coconut oil and applied topically to massage. Inhale tablespoon of essential oil added to a liter of boiling water.

Interactions- Do not take by mouth, as it can be toxic and can cause vomiting.

4. Ginger

Researchers at the University of Denmark asked people with aches and chronic pain taking ginger in your diet. After two months, 63% of them had less muscle and joint pain, and experts attributed the Gingerols ginger for this. Gingerols help prevent pain trigger hormones that makes ginger one of the best herbs for discomfort and pain relief.

Dose :. Take at least 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger or 2 teaspoons chopped fresh ginger through tea or meals

known interactions interactions.

5. Nails

You have a toothache? Instead of running a dentist, apply some clove oil or chewing a piece of tooth to remedy. Scientists at UCLA actually found sucking on a piece of clove can relieve toothache and gum pain for almost 2 hours. The reason for this is the presence of compounds called Eugenol is a powerful anesthetic. Clove may also stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol production cushion clogged arteries in 2 weeks. They can also be used to treat athlete’s foot.

Dose : Sprinkle ¼ teaspoon ground cloves in your soups, salads, etc. to protect your heart and fighting chronic pain and inflammation. Take 120-300 mg orally or use 15% of dye as a mouthwash several times a day to prevent toothaches and sore gums.

Adverse reactions -. None

6. The apple cider vinegar

Although not exactly an herb, vinegar organic apple cider is a natural remedy and efficient kitchen that can counter heartburn pain. Experts recommend sipping a tablespoon of ACV with a glass of water before meals to shut heartburn and heartburn pain for more than 24 hours. Malic and tartaric acids in apple cider vinegar help digestion. Also breakdown proteins and fats to clear the acidity and empty the stomach faster before it can wash back up into the esophagus to lead to heartburn symptoms and heartburn.

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Dose :. As has been said, add up to 1 tablespoon of raw and organic ACV to a glass of water before meals

Interactions – Large amounts of stroke can reduce levels of potassium in the body. It is also known to interact with insulin.

7. Manzanilla

Camomile is an excellent herbal pain relief remedy. It is especially recommended for the skin and inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. It has been shown to reduce gastrointestinal spasms and is an excellent antispasmodic for menstrual pain.

Dose : 2-8 grams of dried flowers in powder form. Topically, it can be used chamomile tinctures as a rinse to relieve pain and discomfort. As a tea, can steep 3 grams in 150 ml of water for 10 minutes and drink.

Interactions – Safe when consumed in normal amounts. Do not take large doses as it can lead to risk of bleeding when used with anticoagulants.

8. Canela

cinnamon improves appetite and also relieves the resulting chronic abdominal pain of dyspepsia and indigestion. It is antispasmodic, antiflatulent, and antidiarrheal.

Dosage: Take 2-4 g of cinnamon powder daily or steep as tea-0.5 to 1 g of cinnamon bark in 150 ml of water for 5-10 minutes


Interactions- generally considered safe, but may interfere with antacids.

9. Garlic

Do you have an earache? Then use garlic, which is an excellent remedy earache. Garlic has antimicrobial properties that fight infection. Garlic is also very good for the heart and can prevent pain from indigestion. It is considered one of the strongest herbal painkillers. You can easily make your own garlic oil crush 8-10 cloves garlic and add to a cup of extra virgin olive oil. Simmer the mixture gently for 2 minutes. Strain and cool the oil for use as a remedy excellent pain relief herbal.

Dose : 2 drops of warm garlic oil can be placed inside the ear canal pain can help cure the infection and reduce earache faster than prescription drugs. You can also make a poultice with crushed garlic and apply it on aching body, covered with bandages.

Interactions – No interactions.

10. Cherries

Cherries contain anthocyanins-the same antioxidant compounds that impart a bright red cherries. These compounds may help eliminate discomfort and pain resulting from chronic migraines, gout or arthritis. Research now shows that cherries can be 10 times stronger in the fight against pain, compared with NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen.

Dose : Eating a bowl of dried cherries diaria-, frozen or fresh. Enjoy at least 20 cherries a day and see the pain disappears.

Interactions – No interactions.

11. Fish and cod liver oil

This natural pain remedy is especially known for abdominal problems and musculoskeletal pain relief. EPA and DHA in fish oil helps relieve arthritis pain and is also known to fight rumbling stomach and gas related pain. Therefore, if you suffer from indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, eat a lot of fish and taking supplements of cod liver oil.

-take oil Dose 20 ml of fish per day to relieve pain and prevent heart disease and support joint health.

Interactions -. It can interfere with diabetes medications

12.Dong Quai

This is one of the most popular Chinese herbs menstrual pain. It can relieve menstrual cramps and relieve problems such as irregular flow. You can also purify the blood to help control rheumatoid pain. Use for hypertension, oral ulcers, anemia and constipation too.

Dose : 3-4 grams per day with meals. Taking as a tea extract 1 ml three times a day.

Interactions – generally well tolerated. Do not use if you are taking hormone replacement therapy.

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Echinacea 13.

This herb is compatible with colds and chronic infections of the respiratory tract. It can also relieve pain and discomfort caused by urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections. It can also relieve the pain of migraine and chronic pain dyspepsia.

Dose :. Take Echinacea tea adding tea bag herb in 8 ounces of water three times a day

Interactions – May cause allergic reactions in some people. Also avoid drinking with Acetaminophens.

14. The Epsom salt

Also called milk of magnesia, Epsom salts added to the bath water helps give much needed comfort and pain relief from body aches and pain. You can take a teaspoon of milk of magnesia to relieve pain from indigestion and dyspepsia and is also a laxative. It can also relieve asthma. Epsom salts in bath water helps relieve swelling and muscle pain or discomfort. Topically, it can be applied to alleviate skin ulcers.

Dose : it varies based on specific disorders

Interactions -. Orally, magnesium nausea, pain, irritation and vomiting in some people may cause, especially when consumed in large doses

15. Yogurt

Yogurt can be used to relive pain and menstrual cramps. 2 cups of yogurt a day can reduce fluctuations in hormones that occur every month. The calcium in yogurt soothes the nervous system to prevent pain even when hormones are in flux.

Dose :. Take 2 cups of yogurt a day to relieve menstrual pain

Interactions – No interactions.

16. Turmeric

Turmeric is a 3 times more effective popular Indian spice East that has now been shown to reduce pain aspirin and other pain medications. The curcumin in turmeric may help close the cyclooxygenase 2 enzyme that triggers the production of hormones in pain. More and more research is also being carried out in turmeric and its effectiveness in stopping fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. This makes based analgesic stronger for chronic pain herbs turmeric.

Dose :. Take at least ¼ teaspoon of powdered root of this meat, rice, soup and other recipes on a daily basis

Interactions -. There are no known

Other natural remedies for the treatment of pain

Apart from the best herbal and natural remedies for pain mentioned above, use the following natural remedies and herbs (some of the right of your kitchen) to relieve discomfort:

  1. Sal – Add 2 tablespoons salt to hot water and soak your feet for foot pain remedy
  2. Eating a lot of Avena to prevent endometrial pain and menstrual cramps
  3. Eat fresh Pineapple to relieve pain and digestive cramps
  4. Take a few drops of peppermint oil tincture or tea to stop muscle cramps
  5. Coma black grapes for the relief of back pain and muscle stiffness revive
  6. Coma horseradish for pain associated with sinus
  7. Eating a bowl of blueberries and blueberries daily to stop UTI or bladder infection pain
  8. Take raw local honey For mouth ulcers and sores
  9. Coma Flax seeds (1 teaspoon per day) to prevneting breast pain and tenderness
  10. Drink 1-2 cups of strong black coffee daily for migraines that prevent
  11. leg cramps can be cured with a glass or two of tomato juice
  12. mustard is effective to stop arthritis pain, lumbago and inflammation of the joints
  13. A few drops of wintergreen oil to massage can cure neuropathic pain and musculoskeletal
  14. St. John’s wort is a natural homeopathic remedy known pain for many types of chronic pain, depression and anxiety that accompany it. Taking 500 mg capsules twice daily.

So next time you experience pain or discomfort, reach out to these natural / herbal remedies to relieve pain rather than go to conventional medication.

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