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3 Ways Your Gut Bacteria Affects Your Skin

The secret free skin imperfections can be in their intestinal bacteria. It may sound far-fetched at first, since your skin and intestines are completely different organs. But after hearing what researchers are finding, you’ll be surprised.

The basics on bacteria

Your body is composed of billions of bacteria (some good, some bad). The goal is to have a balance of about 80 percent “good” and 20 percent “bad”. For many people, however, that is not the case. As a result of poor diet and lifestyles of high stress, we are literally killing good bacteria in our body.

When your bacteria (found primarily in the intestine) is unbalanced, your health will be affected. You may experience digestive problems, weight fluctuations, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and yes, skin problems.

These are the three main forms of an unbalanced intestinal flora affects the skin:


Think of it this way – when the intestine is filled with too much bad bacteria and yeast, the pores in your digestive tract widen. This allows toxins seep into the bloodstream (called leaky gut syndrome). When this happens, the body detects invaders and attacks. This causes inflammation. Did you know acne and rosacea are inflammatory conditions?

What do the studies

Researchers are still studying how their intestinal bacteria interact with their skin and bacterial strains are most beneficial for healing. What researchers have found so far, however, it is quite revealing.

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on acne

A 2010 study found that when patients with acne took a probiotic fermented milk drink rich are acne lesions began to show signs of healing.

About Eczema:

A study published in 2008 found that babies who have a wide variety of intestinal bacteria in just one week of age were more likely to develop eczema at 18 months of age.

A year later, another study found that children who ingested probiotics daily were 58 percent less likely to develop eczema.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola , the number of cases of eczema has been increasing for years. One theory for the increase is that children are not exposed to as many bacteria as in the past.


Importantly healing your gut can not magically cure your complexion. There are other factors, such as hygiene, contributing to the condition of your skin. However, one can say with certainty that your intestinal health plays an important role in the health of your skin.


improve your gut with probiotics

The only way to create a balanced intestinal flora, and more diverse is to get your daily dose of probiotics.

At this time, there are some care probiotics, such as soaps and lotions skin elements. You can find care probiotic skin rich in many natural food stores. But Gut Health Project recommends eating foods rich in probiotics and taking a high quality probiotic supplement every day (like essential Flora-7 ).

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essential Flora-7 is a supplement that comes with a power supply system patented BIO-tract® is the last safe passage for sensitive bacteria as it passes through the stomach. (You know, most probiotic supplements do not work because the capsules / tablets can not protect sensitive crops from harsh stomach acids?)

essential Flora- 7 also contains 7 probiotic strains and higher tested by a third of the FDA to ensure quality installation. For more information about how essential Flora-7 will rebalance your gut and help cleanse the colon click here .

The power of probiotics

In addition to helping clear your complexion, find out what else probiotics can do for your health in this short video presentation:

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The 3 ways your intestinal bacteria affects your skin first appeared in Gut Health Project .

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