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3 Things Everyone Should Do Before Eating To Avoid Bloat, Digest Better And Eat Less

members requested class meditation to eat a muffin as a conscious meditation is done. They were asked to do that in order to enable them to slow down and recognize what they are eating. This practice is very beneficial because it taught them to enjoy the food, texture, taste and variety of flavor.

Usually, people eat very quickly, while in the race. You should know that the faster the food, the harder it is for the system to digest food they have consumed is consumed.

should chew food for a longer period of time because saliva in the mouth contains enzymes that help break down food. On the other hand, if you just chew the food and the gulf down, our digestive system is already in trouble and the food has not even touched our gut yet.

If you do not chew your food enough before you go to your intestine, enzymes in saliva that should help break down are not there, so your digestive system has to work harder in order to process this food, extract nutrients and eliminate waste. As a result, your digestive system becomes weaker for a period of time and is more likely to add a few pounds of fat.

By reducing and chew food thoroughly our body will get more nutritional value of what we eat

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in this article we suggest three simple practices that you can participate in before eating food, for improve digestion and benefit your health:

  1. drink water:

Never drink water while you’re eating because water will interfere with the digestive acids and causing your digestive system to have more difficulty digesting


you should. Also be sure to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, as they already contain the amount of water your body needs, so keep drinking separate eating is a definite recommendation.

On the other hand, you definitely need to drink water after a meal, because it helps digestion. You should drink water 20 minutes before eating. This hydrates your body and helps cleanse your digestive system to prepare more food to digest

  1. Tome 9 deep breaths before eating anything :.

Deep breathing should be your daily practice, because there are many benefits to the health and welfare of deep breathing.

should take nine deep breaths before eating because that way, your body will be able to better digest food.

Moreover, nine deep breaths before eating allows the nervous system of your body to enter a parasympathetic state, which means they are more relaxed and calm.

In addition, deep breathing detoxification it stimulated through the lungs and stimulates lymph flow better. As a result aq detoxification, the body can handle the load of food more easily

  1. Appreciate Your Food and set an intention :.
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There are many cultures who pray before eating in order to express the gratitude and asking for food meal. this is ideal for your thinking before eating. If the intention that you will eat slowly, chew your food thoroughly and set, your body will have the easiest and most beneficial experience of food.

To feel less digestive discomfort meals or snacks, just practice these 3 things before eating.

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