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3 Super foods to cleanse your liver

The liver is one of the vital organs of the body. important functions in the body such as metabolism, digestion, immunity and storing nutrients are taken care of by the liver. Besides this liver secretes chemical substances that are required by the body. The liver is both a body and a gland.

it is crucial to keep this gland in healthy condition. A healthy liver regulates the composition of blood and removes harmful toxins from the blood. Processes and converts the nutrients absorbed by the intestines during digestion in ways that the body can use. liver also stores vitamins, iron and simple sugar glucose.

Therefore, how to maintain healthy liver? With the help of certain foods, you can clean your liver. Knowing the food here which helps cleanse the liver:

Garlic: is one of the common things that are used in the kitchen. It helps activate enzymes in the liver. They help to help clean the toxins and also protect the liver from toxic damage. Garlic is known to help in weight loss by fat melting. When we are obese we are putting a huge burden on the liver. With the help of garlic can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can overload the liver and hamper its operation. You can have two or three cloves of garlic every day.

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Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This old saying still holds good. The secret behind healthy liver is to remove toxins from the digestive tract that can be done with the help of apples. They are known to reduce blood cholesterol. All kinds of apples are good for the liver. But it is always advisable to choose organic products. If you can not get the girl, you can even drink a glass of fresh apple juice every day.

Beets: Nobody likes beets. There are many who skip their meal if they have to eat beets. But they are powerful additional foods that help support liver function. Stimulate overall health. The added benefit is that beets are excellent blood purifiers. Cleanse your liver with these foods and maintain a healthy state.

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