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3 Most Popular Diets That Actually Work

Mediterranean Diet Reduces the risk of heart disease, including low-fat foods and includes a lot of olive oil and fish . Cleaning and Lean Diet: Replace alcohol, wheat and sweet with lean meat, nuts, berries and green tea. 5: 2 Diet: Feast for 5 days and starved for 2 days. Part hungry has several benefits such as increased life expectancy and reduce the risk of heart disease

  1. What person or animal eats :. The food that a person or animal usually consumes
  2. controlled intake of food: a controlled food and beverage designed to lose weight for health reasons or religious, or to control or improve a medical condition intake
  3. regular consumption of something: a continuous or daily experience, or indulgence, more than food

diets are often seen as a quick fix method when you want to lose weight in a hurry. However, in my experience, unless you approach diet as a lifestyle change, the results will only be temporary and you’ll regain the weight or end up even heavier than when you started. Avoiding weight gain over an extended period of time involves making lifestyle changes, which will help maintain a healthy weight. Certain diet programs offer a cost, and often have a strict plan.

Top 3 diets that work

1. The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has become popular because it can reduce the risk of heart disease, notes MayoClinic.com. Practiced by people living along the Mediterranean Sea, it has a base diet of low fat foods to promote healthy weight loss. Dieters focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices at every meal. Olive oil often replaces other oils or butter in food preparation. The diet includes eating fish at least twice a week, poultry in moderate portions and meat or sweets less frequently


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2. Clean and Lean Diet

Clean & Lean Eating is not a quick fix. This diet will allow you to move steadily excess fat and get to enjoy your meal. You will have to limit their sugar intake, but this is not a plan without carbohydrate / fat. If you like starches, you can still have, however will have to relocate the mother of rye toast or bread dough instead and exchange their white buckwheat or quinoa pasta. You need to get rid of candy, wheat, processed foods, alcohol (except for vodka, which is the calorific form less power alcohol), and include lean meats, fish, green vegetables, nuts, berries, avocados, olive oil, potatoes sweet, oatcakes, green tea

Finally, once a week is encouraged to have a meal ‘trick’ -. this will help you lose weight (seriously). Healthy eating will keep your metabolism steady; eat differently than force your body to work harder to burn extra calories.

However, if you do it too often is going to store fat, so it is important to be disciplined.

3. The 5: 2 Diet: Feast for 5 days, fast for 2 days

This is not a diet, is a (relatively) new way of eating forever. The Fast 2-Day promotes weight loss and also has several beneficial effects on health: including increased service life, improve cognitive impairment, and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer (however, until now, these benefits have only been seen in animal studies). It is easier to meet than conventional diets because they only have to follow two days a week. It will not give a quick fix weight loss will be slow and steady

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WARNING :. It is prohibited No food, however, is not an eat as much as you like 5 days a week!

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