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3 fitness workouts to try with a buddy

3 fitness workouts to try with a buddy

If you feel you are not getting enough quality time with your partner, or even with a friend, tell them to accompany him during his next training sessions. Working out with someone else rather than himself will motivate more. Here are some basic exercises you can do with your partner or a friend that will surely help in shedding those extra pounds.

Test training roundhouse to work on your core area and strengthen the buttocks and legs. . One of you is going to squat with legs hip width and arms bent at the elbows in front of you. The second person then kick your right along the arms of the first pair leg. Change and repeat a total of at least 50 shots.


If you want to tone your arms, back and core, the truck is a great workout partner. One of you is going to have to get down into a pushup position with arms folded, while your partner takes you by the ankles and bend from the hips. While stretching your arms, your partner will stand up and straighten your knees. Repeat this procedure with at least 10 counts and then change shifts.

spin rotation
The rotation of rotation aims to strengthen the area of ​​the base. All you need is a ball while standing back to back with feet shoulder width. Spend as his tour in the opposite direction to reach the ball first couple the ball to his right. Then switch to the other side. Continue these gyrations for at least 30 seconds.

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