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3 Best Natural Hangover Remedies And 1 Unnatural Remedy

top 3 natural remedies for hangover and unnatural Remedy 1 – It happens. While held, it may not have much in the way alcohol to bring in a nasty hangover the next day. The headache that does not go away after taking over-the-counter pain relievers … the unforgivable nausea. Sensitivity to sounds above .0001 decibels. Irritability, dehydration, blood pressure problems, and sometimes even earthquakes … God, I drank, exactly? No matter …

Unless it is an emergency, these remedies are safe to alleviate the suffering disappears.

Obviously, staying hydrated is one of the best things anyone can do to protect themselves from the effects of a hangover. But did you know there are other reasons one might have a hangover know?

Here are three low-cost all lesser known natural resources to protect themselves from a hangover after drinking too much and an amazing natural remedy.

homeopathic Nux 30c – three tablets under the tongue at the onset of symptoms of overeating food or drink. Relieves nausea and bloating, feeling sick. More or less the remedy to drink naturopaths probably will not want to pass everywhere because they prefer their clients to avoid drinking alcohol. Should not be taken within 15 minutes of eating or drinking. This remedy helps with a variety of topics and is useful for the liver.

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activated carbon – there is a reason this is used in emergency rooms toxic overload. Fortunately, this is a cheap remedy found in food stores health worldwide. This is like a great sponge, absorbing all kinds of garbage in the system. You should take time after drinking alcohol, a capsule for each drink and the next day, as needed. Do not take food supplements or drugs. Drink plenty of water if taking activated charcoal.

Asparagus – a study found that asparagus contains a compound that protects the liver cells and toxicity of the drink and can be protected from hangovers. Asparagus is anti-inflammatory, but also has diuretic properties (which again, water is important). Interestingly, this incredible food is the best and cheapest remedy for cleansing the kidneys, in which case the beards of corn can be added to exacerbate the effects of cleaning. Other foods to consider are hangover eggs because they contain cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde in the body, and foods containing electrolytes. A pinch of Himalayan salt in water is a healthier alternative to sports drinks to replace electrolytes alternative.

Benadryl – this is the best hangover pain head natural remedy. One theory for pain head swash refers to sulfites added to all non-organic alcohol. There are many people who are unknowingly sensitive to it. Mild side effects sulfites include headaches, nausea, diarrhea, itching and breathing problems. Benadryl and many sleep aids are the same thing – diphenhydramine. It works for this type of allergies, blocking the histamine reaction. It also helps with motion sickness, but can cause extreme drowsiness.

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Benadryl carries its own side effects so that the directions should be strictly followed during allergy or poisoning, and if taken only after a hangover, not close when drinking alcohol. But hey, did you know that there is a natural homeopathic overreaction to histamine? That would Histaminum hydrochloricum 30C.

The best way to avoid a hangover is obviously not to drink or to drink in moderation. Vomiting after drinking is similar to the reaction to food poisoning. The liver is refusing to protect us. The actual effects of alcohol on the brain and regulation of blood pressure are too downplayed. Alcohol depletes the body of minerals and electrolytes in the body needs for regulating the heart.

Please be good to yourself during this time and then replenishing electrolytes, minerals and hydrating fluids. It seems the best choice to drink is just 5 ounces of red wine for its antioxidants.


published under license Creative Commons with attribution to the author Heather Callaghan and ActivistPost.com

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