The medicinal properties of apple cider vinegar, one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen, have been known long time. Its powerful antiseptic properties are extremely efficient in treating wounds, bruises and even prophylactic cleaning.

There is a list of 25 different uses of stroke below, along with information on how you can save money on buying it.



ACV can be used instead of cleaning products and herbicides, which are full of toxic chemicals.

1. Non-toxic alternative

Raw, unfiltered ACV is rich in beneficial bacteria, which lack refined stroke. It is these bacteria that make apple cider vinegar one of the best household cleaners. It can effectively remove toxins, bacteria and dirt by water and stroke ratio equal mix and spraying this solution on any surface in the house. And you need not worry about the smell as it disappears as soon as the vinegar dries.

2. Herbicide

A powerful herbicide, stroke is more efficient than the toxic glyphosate. Just mix half a cup of ACV, ¼ cup salt and ½ cup of dishwashing soap. As this solution is very strong and kill any weed is sprayed on, be sure to protect your garden flowers.

3. eliminates odors

Apple cider vinegar is also effective in eliminating odors from the house. No matter where the smell comes from, simply place a plate of ACV close and smells will soon disappear.


ACV is rich in medicinal properties that can improve your health on many levels.

4. The reduction in blood serum glucose

According to a recent study on the effects of stroke in lipid levels in rats, significantly reduces stroke triglycerides and HDL levels and ADL, stopping the onset of diabetes. In the four-week study, rats were fed a diet that included stroke. The results revealed that HbA1C levels of diabetic rats was significantly reduced. A1C is a test that measures plasma glucose levels over a period, and is more reliable for diagnosing diabetes testing sugar levels in the blood. The survey results clearly show that stroke can succeed with lower blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes.

5. Weight loss

ACV is also beneficial for weight loss because of its ability to make you feel full longer, and this is very important for weight loss. According to research, acetic acid in ACV reduces fat accumulation. However, many shy away from this ingredient because of its spicy flavor. LCA can be used in many ways -. Diluted with a little water or as an addition to juices and salads

6. Lowers cholesterol

A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food chemistry revealed that stroke reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in laboratory rats. During the study, rats were fed a high cholesterol diet that also included stroke.

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7. Detoxify the body

Among other things, ACV is a powerful antioxidant that effectively eliminates free radicals and toxins from the body. A glass of ACV in the morning is all you need to detox your body, stimulate metabolism and promote weight loss.

8. clears the sinuses

This common ingredient is extremely beneficial in reducing mucus and cleaning their breasts. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties having preventing infections and colds. Take some ACV diluted with water ease breathing.

9. Relieves sore throat

can easily relieve sore throat gargling some warm apple cider vinegar. For this, the mixture of water and stroke in equal proportion and gargle the solution several times a day. This will not only reduce inflammation but also relieve sore throat.

10. Improves digestion

You can easily treat indigestion or stomach problems by drinking a mixture of stroke and a little water or juice. According to health experts, the apple cider vinegar has strong antibiotic effects and is very useful in cases of intestinal spasms due to pectin it contains.

11. itchy skin sunburned or

If your skin is itching due to insect bites, poison ivy or a jellyfish sting, apply some stroke on it. In addition, it can relieve pain from sunburn easily by immersion in a bath to which you have previously added a cup of ACV.

12. Removes warts

To remove warts, soak a cotton ball in one stroke and apply it regularly on the affected area until the wart falls area. ACV is very beneficial for the treatment of warts. postexercise

energy drink 13.

Amino acids stroke can effectively eliminate the effects of lactic acid formed in the body after a workout. To prevent muscle soreness after exercise, drink some ACV diluted in water.


ACV can also be used for personal hygiene and body care:

14. Bright, flake free hair

to provide the hair with a shine and irresistibly soft, rinse with apple cider vinegar once a week. ACV will not only balance the pH levels of the scalp, but the acid content will also clean up any residue of styling products you use. To ACV hair rinse, mix 1/3 cup of ACV with 4 cups of water and rinse your hair with it after shampooing and rinsing with water. In case you need to treat dandruff, make a mixture of ACV and water and spray the scalp twice a week. Leave this on for an hour before washing your hair as usual.

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15. Facial Toner cleaner

ACV is also an excellent facial and body cleanser due to its strong antiseptic properties. ACV works on two levels – prevents breakpoints and pH balance of the skin is restored. What is done is dilute some ACV in water and apply it on the skin with a cotton ball.

16. Deodorant

personal deodorants are often full of chemicals that pose a real threat to health. ACV, on the other hand, can naturally eliminate the bacteria that cause body odor. Just apply a little stroke in his armpits. The smell is nothing to worry about as it evaporates as soon as the vinegar dries.

17. bruises fade

Treating bruises and cuts with a little apple cider vinegar in order to reduce discoloration and relieve inflammation.

Whitens teeth 18.

Disinfect the mouth and whiten your teeth by swishing some stroke in the mouth. Do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards. ACV is very beneficial to destroy all oral bacteria.

19. Eliminate bad breath

As ACV can eliminate all bacteria in the mouth, but can also kill those who cause bad breath. Just gargle some strokes to eliminate bad breath and improve oral health.

20. Stop foot odor

As mentioned earlier, LCA can successfully eliminate odors, which also applies to malodorous feet. Just wipe your toes and feet with a towel soaked in ACV to fight bacteria and odor. Or, soak your feet in a mixture of ACV and water to balance pH levels and eliminate odor.


Last but not least, stroke can be added to your favorite dishes and recipes.

21. Juice

is highly recommended to mix with other juices undiluted ACV and ACV can damage tooth enamel and throat. It can be mixed with any juice, and apart from the health benefits it gives, it also adds flavor to their drinks.

22. Bake

Add some ACV your baking to fluff up. ACV cookie dough, cakes and sweets lift, but it will not be noticeable when baked goods.

23. Sauces

improve their barbecue sauce with a little stroke to give it a more distinct flavor and Tangier. You can also add stroke in your marinades or favorite seasonings.

24. Salads

ACV is the perfect complement to salads. Add a bit of it with olive oil to your favorite salads.

25. Soups

Add soups frictionless stroke to improve their flavor.

Note: Raw cider vinegar organic apple is the best way to use since it comes with an abundance of beneficial bacteria and organic apples that have not been chemically treated

. Source: healthy Living Earth

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