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25 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

outdoor entertainment is one of the greatest joys of summer and spring. Until, of course, mosquitoes invade. Instead of pesticides and spraying, you can test the effective grouping of potted plants repel mosquitoes.

Group of these close to the point of being in your patio or deck plants. In addition, the granting of protection against mosquitoes, which give a beautiful green landscape outside contact.

plants that repel mosquitoes


This perennial also popularly known as Horsemint known repels mosquitoes by dissemination of a strong smell just like citronella grass. The plant is fast and drought resistant growth. You can plant in a pot, so that it could be moved to the rest area, where mosquitoes relief desired.

The wonders

The powerful ability to repel mosquitoes of this popular annual is widespread. Gardeners often plant marigolds in the garden to scare away other insects as well. The characteristic smell of this plant is unbearable to mosquitoes and therefore keeps them away.


Despite this perennial plant is known for its medicinal properties, many people are not aware of their trait repel mosquito. The natural oil on the leaves of this plant has been shown 10 times more effective than insecticides. It is recommended to plant catnip on the deck and patio to keep away mosquitoes.


This plant with its powerful lemon scent is known for its ability to repel insects . The grass-like plant grows almost six feet tall. You can go for varieties like winterianus or citronella Cymbopogon Nardus.


this aromatic plant growing in your garden to keep away mosquitoes. It can grow inside also provided you keep the plant near a sunny window. Purple flowers, lovely fragrance and soothing properties are quite soft and therefore a nice addition to your home or garden.


Mosquitoes do not like the smell of mint. Therefore, planting in your garden is an excellent away to keep out insects. it can also crush the leaves of the plant and rubbing them on the skin. The crushed leaves also relieve itching.


helps repel mosquitoes eucalyptus, when planted in your garden. Place crushed eucalyptus leaves in alcohol and use this as a spray or aerosol.


Ageratum or silk flowers emit an odor that is particularly offensive to mosquitoes. The plant secretes a substance called coumarin. It is used in mosquito repellents commercially available.

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Mosquitoes do not like the delicious, refreshing scent of mint. The plant grows rapidly in pots or soil. You can also pick up some mint leaves and massage directly on the skin to repel mosquitoes.


This is one of these herbs, which emits scents even without crushing the leaves. You can control mosquitoes by planting basil in pots or in your backyard. You can also rub the crushed leaves on your skin. You can use any variety of basil, but Peruvian, basil lemon basil and cinnamon are the best to control mosquitoes as they emit stronger fragrances.


This is one of the strongest plants mosquito repellent. Because of its insect repellent properties, it is used in mosquito coils and balsam. You can burn the leaves or neem oil rubbed directly on the skin to keep mosquitoes away.

Vanilla Leaf

This plant is native to Japan. The Indians hung bunches of dried plants around their homes to keep away flies and mosquitoes. You can rub dry or fresh plant on the skin to deter mosquitoes.

sagebrush, sagebrush, wormwood

All these plants belong to the same genus. The plants can be used as a fragrant stain, which is known to be very effective mosquito repellent. it can also crush the leaves and applied to the skin.

Weed pineapple

This is one of the weed species commonly grown, found in North America. It is grown along the roadsides, lawns and other areas. You can plant in pots and place them on a patio or terrace to repel mosquitoes. You can apply directly to the skin ground floor.

Pitcher Plant

This herbaceous perennial that is usually planted in the Hanging basket, which it can be placed in the branches of trees or patio plant is located. It attracts and captures mosquitoes in your garden. Use the captured insects as fertilizer.


Tansies also known as mums are quite similar in Marigold. However, they grow taller and flowers are larger. The flowers are of different colors: red, yellow and pink. You can grow tansies around doors, which act as a deterrent for mosquitoes.

Lemon Thyme

According to a study by the Ontario based ‘University of Guelph’ , lemon thyme leaves has potent insect repellent properties as DEET, which is the compound commonly used in most insect repellents available in the market.

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This plant belongs to the mint family and is an ancient herb used for culinary purposes. The plant repels all kinds of insects such as mosquitoes, when grown around your house. However, the plant is not recommended if you have small children or pets because they can eat the leaves, which is considered highly toxic.


This plant belongs to the family of Artemisia and usually is used to improve the taste of the food. Southernwood aroma repels mosquitoes and wasps alike. Dried flowers can spread throughout the house to keep away mosquitoes.


or Woodruff Galium odoratum is known for its tonic, digestive and diuretic properties. However, many do not know is an excellent insect repellent as well. Plant it in your garden and keep mosquitoes away from home.


The unpleasant smell of allium, such as onions, scallions and garlic are known for its strong repulsion property. Growing in your garden will ward off pesky mosquitoes. For maximum effect, simply rub on the skin or place them on the table outside the house.


pyrethrum, extracted powder chrysanthemums is known as a natural insecticide. It attacks the nervous system mosquitoes, which makes them unable to bite. All subspecies of this ornamental plant widely used are very good mosquito repellent.


This perennial plant that grows about two meters and insects do not like their odor. This decorative plant should be planted in airy and sunny weather.


The flowers of this carnivorous plant attract insects with their smell. Formic acid the insect, which sticks to the flower dissolves. Sundew is indeed a very good weapon against mosquitoes.


The strong odor emitted by plants of Nicotiana will scare away mosquitoes the night. It has the unique characteristic odor emission strongest of the night. The plant could be grown in flower box, garden or pot.

Plectranthus coleoides

The odor emitted by essential oils in the leaves of this plant acts as a mosquito repellent. It can be planted in pots, soil or decorative containers.

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