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21 Things to Plant in the Fall Garden for Food & Beauty

21 Things to Plant in the Fall Garden for Food and Beauty 1

As the summer winds down and head into the fall, do not hang gardening gloves for the moment, there is still much to do!

Falling is great for planting because the air is fresh, but the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth. Short-term profit, can be planted several vegetables cold season can be harvested before the hard frost the claims.

Some of them can be harvested well into the winter if sufficient protection is provided heavy padding. Do not forget bulbs and perennials that give a touch of color with beautiful flowers and beautiful foliage in spring.

You can even put in some early flowering plants to keep the winter blues at bay. Many herbs that hate the heat will thank you with a long season flavor if the plant in early fall.

The expected first frost date in your area is the yardstick to go by when planting the garden in the fall. Check the labels of vegetable crops; late-maturing crops need 90 days, so they should be planted three months before the first frost date expected.

Unless you have a mandate late November or early December with the murderer frost, which should be on the ground in mid-August. But in midseason and early maturing varieties take only 45-65 days to mature, so you can plant them much later. You can even have two or three harvests of some leafy greens and radishes fast maturing back to back.

Here is a wide selection of plants, some edible, some simply beautiful to consider for fall planting.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli has to be planted as soon as the heat of summer gives way to the cool breeze of the fall season. To make the best of their harvest of broccoli, planting seedlings 10-12 weeks before the first expected frost date. This plant needs regular watering and feeding nitrogen fertilizer. Keep your bases covered in mulch to prevent drying. Harvesting the main head when pressed and green, usually within 70 days after sowing. seedlings 2 feet away if you intend to harvest the side shoots.

2. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are best grown in the fall, as it gives a better taste crop when grown in the cold season. Small outbreaks take 90 days to form, and they do not do as well in the summer heat, so if you have a short spring, keep this plant for the fall garden.

When planted in early fall, you can start reaping the shoots towards the end of the season as the crop takes nearly three months to mature. out the first frost touches bring a better flavor. These plants can withstand the rigors of winter quite well, and can even withstand light snow, so they can enjoy them even after harsh weather begins.

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plant seedlings started indoors stonemasons, leaving 2 feet between them. Add long-acting organic fertilizers to bed before planting. water well and mulch around the plants to maintain constant temperature and to eliminate weeds.

3. Carrots

21 Things to Plant in the Fall Garden for Food & Beauty

Carrots are a must in every autumn garden. Its feathery foliage looks as good in the flower beds, so you can plant them even if you do not have a garden. plant carrot seeds and 5 inches apart in well prepared garden beds once the season starts fresh. The loose soil, sand without stones is best for carrots. Soil preparation is important because the main root has to grow deep into the soil without any hindrance. Do not add fresh manure to the soil as it can cause forking.

Start collecting carrots as soon as the roots are filled, but a little frost will actually sweeten. So I leave on the floor beneath a thick layer of mulch after the first frost, and stagger the harvest throughout the winter. If you expect snow in your area, you can cover the rows mulched with plastic film and banner to make it easier harvest.

4. Radishes

Radishes are fast growing crop that can have three back to back if you have a window of 90 days to the first frost in your area. Or, you can stagger plantings every two weeks, so it will have a continuous supply throughout the season. Planting a variety of radishes, including some late-maturing varieties of winter that give bigger and sweeter roots. The last planting must be 6 weeks before the expected date of frost.

radishes need well-drained, rich soil, but deep soil preparation or additional power is not needed, making it one of the easiest vegetables crops. But check out frequently to harvest at its best.

5. chard

Switzerland is another delicious vegetable that transcends the division between her flower garden and orchard. The crinkled leaves on the stems of rainbow color look good anywhere planting. They mature in just 40 days, so you can probably have more than one crop before winter.

Plant seeds in rows in a rich, well drained soil, leaving a foot between the rows. Water the beds regularly to keep them evenly moist. As the plants grow and spread out, you can thin out and use baby leaves in salads.


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