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21 Proven Tips to Reduce Weight

One has become fat and excess weight due to food intake and overeating high fat. Being overweight is a disease. It brings several diseases as well. Their illnesses accompanied are:

  • person becomes lethargic and held no interest in doing mental or physical work.
  • person becomes unable to do the hard work and feel tired without doing anything.
  • Sugar problem occurs because of the fat content.
  • Constipation is the result of excess weight.
  • Overweight brings heart problems, slip disc, etc.

Due to a long list of problems that come with weight gain, it is essential to reduce the weight and be slim, trim and smart. To reduce fat is not as easy as it sounds. self-control, discipline, lifestyle, daily exercise, morning walk and food and healthy sleep habits is needed. Then 21 tips proven to reduce weight are discussed for suggestions and information.

  1. Water to reduce weight

minimum Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Water cleanses the body and reduces body fat. Not only it reduces fat but also brightens in the body. Drinking water, sip by sip in sitting posture otherwise drinking water while standing brings pain in the knee. Keep water in a copper jug ​​and drink in the morning without washing the mouth. It gives you a healthy body as well.

Copper water
Copper water jug ​​
  1. water and honey to reduce weight

Drink warm water with a teaspoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach to reduce the weight and be slim, trim and smart.

Honey (Hindi: Shahad)
  1. Lemon Drink

in the morning, another option is to drink warm water after squeezing a lemon in it. It is also good to reduce weight. However, the person suffering from arthritis may have trouble lemon drink. This person should avoid both lemon drink intake.

  1. green tea to reduce weight

Green tea is the best drink to reduce fat. Consuming green tea in the morning on an empty stomach to reduce fat quickly. You can have it at night too. Green tea is available in sheets and bags both. According to your choice you can make. To prepare a green tea, boil a cup of water and dip a bag to make it ready.

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Green Tea
  1. dried ginger and honey to reduce weight

Add ¼ teaspoon dry ginger powder in a teaspoon of honey and consume it to reduce fat.

  1. holy basil and honey to reduce weight

Consuming leaves of holy basil (Tulsi) with honey to reduce fat.

  1. radish and lemon to reduce weight

Consume radish with lemon at lunch and dinner in the to reduce fat.

  1. Radish and honey to reduce weight

Consume radish with honey to reduce fat.

  1. Fennel seeds to reduce weight

Fennel seeds are good to eat in order to reduce fat. Consuming green fennel and fennel seeds to reduce fat. Consume fennel seeds after lunch and after dinner.

fennel Sounf
  1. Black Seesam and honey to reduce weight

Consume seesam black seeds with honey to reduce fat.

Kale til
Black Seesam Seed
  1. green leaves, fruits and salad to reduce weight

reducing the amount of rice and wheat lunch and dinner to reduce fat. Instead of rice and wheat consume green leaves, fruits and salads.

  1. do the hard work to reduce fat quickly.
  2. Exercise daily in the morning.
  3. Do not eat fast food, fried foods and fatty foods.
  4. Give space suitable time interval between breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  5. Avoid eating something all the time. Do not eat sweets all the time. The consumption of sweets, candies or chocolates disturb digestion and increase the fat content as well.
  6. Milk fat


Consume only skim milk twice a day.

  1. Liquid fat curd (Chach) without to reduce fat

curd liquid is more beneficial than the thickness curd. the weight is reduced and gives a good digestion too. Instead of consuming liquid curd curd thick glass (Chach) at lunch.

  1. grams (Chana)

is an important grain Gram to reduce weight. Immerse grams in water before going to sleep at night. Boil grams, filter and drink filtered water. According to your taste, add salt and black lemon in the water. Consume grams at lunch or dinner as you want. If you wish, you can also consume germinated grams. Sprouted grams are most useful in reducing weight and gain strength. Grams reduce fat and gives strength to the body.

  1. Take your dinner before two hours of sleep for good digestion and reduce fat.
  2. Reducing the number of chapattis for lunch and dinner. Instead of consuming chapattis salad, vegetables and liquid curd (Chach).


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